Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares?! (2023)

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Clearly thinks himself funny

Not funny.gave it a good 20 minutes to see whether warming up to the observational humour would improve the performance, but unfortunately fell flat and unforgivably boring. Needs to get over himself and his narrow point of view to be relatable. Making mild shock statements does not make for funny. Using the offensive Q word it was a word of hurt and pain and should not be reclaimed as it never was a word of inclusion but of singling out people as not normal. I get it he never had had to fight for acceptance and his basic human rights, but he belittles all those who have gone before with his spouting garbage in the effort to be humorous. I’ve seen drag acts in bars funnier and more entertaining and engaging. Leo has his niche but it’s a miss in my opinion.

Clever, self deprecating humor mixed with drama and music

I was a little skeptical before watching this, but I ended up being impressed. Leo has a lot to say and he says it well. The jokes are clever and often unexpected, nothing predictable here.

Leo also mixes in drama and music but it doesn’t detract from this being a comedy show.

Leo identifies as queer and a large portion of the show is related to the topic, so if you’re ‘phobic then this isn’t for you. The jokes work regardless, I actually laughed out loud a couple of times.

Leo is only 23 but given his confidence I think he can only continue to improve. Overall I was pleasantly surprised, definitely worth watching.

Hilarious & Brilliant

Had no idea what I was getting into when this was recommended to me but I’m glad I took the leap. It starts off at an 11 and Leo rarely takes the foot of the gas. Really enjoyed the blending of different mediums to tell his “story”. The energy, the command over the audience, the quick wit and sharp pivots created an amazing ride of brutal honesty depicting an “in this moment” snapshot of current life while being able to laugh at the idea of constantly living at such high stakes.

It’s a fantastic visual/musical walk through of a young queer’s existential crisis – meets – Bob Hope on his comedy tours for the troops BECAUSE Leo is performing, 100% for us, the zoomers and millennials, who are the foot soldiers, no, the canon fodder for EVERYTHING wrong and given the responsibility to fix it all. And NOW.

We see the world on fire but we we forget we are human, and as one I enjoyed being able to take 60 minutes to laugh maniacally about how truly ducked we are and our eventual demise and I’d say that was 60 minutes well spent.