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A familiar fórmula with heart

I have probably watched about 200 hallmark movies? Honestly have lost count I love them so much. Christmas ones are some of my fav in the genre but they tend to be formulaic as we know so basically I watch all these films knowing everything and after a while they tend to merge together. This one definitely won’t and no it’s not only because it’s one of the few with LGBQT+ representation but because the story is not your usual (city not town) neither of the characters give up their dreams for each other but rather chose to move forward together and the families are supportive but also no one is adding pressure on the characters to be anything but what they are. Love love! Also that final sequence in the park.

Feel Good Holiday Rom Com

Friends & Family Christmas is everything you want in a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie. It has found family, fake dating, falling in love, and a touch of drama. It showcases friendship, ambition, and different family dynamics while being a love story at heart. Sure it follows the classic Hallmark Rom Com formula, but that’s why we watch these shows. Isn’t it? We want to see cheesy, happy love stories. We want to feel all warm and cozy inside as we watch two people fall in love. So if you’re needing something light and heartwarming this holiday season, I highly recommend Friends & Family Christmas.

All the feels

I very rarely watch Hallmark movies, but I’ve had this one on my radar ever since it was announced and I’m so glad the premiere date finally arrived! We love a fake dating trope, we love cheesy Christmas content and, most importantly, we love lesbians <3

This film was so cute and fun. I thought the leads had great chemistry (and they were played by two out queer actresses, yay!) and the supporting cast was great as well. No spoilers but the twist toward the very end was sweet and managed to tie the whole film together 🙂

I can already see myself rewatching this every year around Christmastime!