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In the beginning, I hated Jeff with a passion. He was everything I hate which is one thing, but the Jeff of the first 20 minutes was the antitype of a romantic lead. Guess what? His personality magically softened, as well as his attitude toward Eva. Instantly, which is typical in these movies. I had problems with Eva too, even though she was a little more generous and upbeat. But her arrogance and competitiveness almost matched Jeff’s.

What was worse, was the actors. Sarah Fisher often looked like she had severe gastric discomfort. Her delivery was poor. Simon Arblaster wasn’t much better less the uncomfortable demeanor. The two have no chemistry. They each look so uncertain when being nice or saying something nice to the other. Most of these movies have friends commenting on how the couple must be in love because of the “way you look at each other”. There are none of those looks here.

Many of the supporting actors were also bad. One exception was Jerni Stewart as Bonnie. She is meant to be appealing from the start plus being the mediator. Only trouble is that she looks and acts like an adult or at least college age. The actor is 22.

The dialogue was a little flat. The movie lacks the spark that makes it fun.

The story is slightly unusual with two competing realtors working together to sell one house. But the point is to throw Jeff and Eva together so they can develop a relationship. Selling the house becomes their Christmas project together. There isn’t much of a story except for Eva’s dream of being a novelist which she has put aside while she sells houses.

Run away, Jeff

I wasn’t going to watch this one, but then I saw the ratings were pretty high. I’m now wondering what those people were thinking.

Plot involves two real estate rivals forced to work together to sell a home.

We know where that’s going.

From the previews, it appeared Eva would be sweet, and she is…when she’s not being bat-poop crazy.

Jeff looks like a deer in the headlights at times.

Supporting cast consists of a 16-year-old who looks 25, and a couple selling the home who seems to be in every Hallmark/GAF movie ever.

I’m thinking the more people who watch this the lower the ratings will go.

My thought is to spare you.

Sweet Struggles with Romance

Sarah and Simon do a fantastic job sharing a story of how two rivals with personal internal struggles come together at work to accomplish a huge project. The push-pull of the relationship gets your heart pumping at key moments. Love the concept of a niece living with a relative for education purposes, including that the niece is not a boneheadded teenager but a balanced teen that can enjoy the education pursuit and still enjoy the romance of her aunt. Extremely purehearted movie with a few Christmas capers tied in. Despite other reviews, I think the chemstry is fantastic and Sarah Fisher’s natural beauty is a huge draw. Robin Dunne is one of my favs as he has done awesome work and this one is no exception. All the supporting cast is FABULOUS! NIce to see Paul and Jan together again this year as a power couple! Enjoy!!