Easter Bloody Easter (2024)

83% – Critics
83% – Audience

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Easter Bloody Easter Movie Reviews

Fun kitschy and hilarious!

Absolute killer movie ;). If you like to have some good belly laughs ,while enjoying some wacky characters, and enjoying catchy songs and campy vibes … then you’ll enjoy this film.

The cast and crew did such an epic job bringing this film together and hearing the backstory made it even more fabulous. The campiness shines bright with the supporting cast and the belly laughs are real. The evil Jackalope brings the scares, but there’s a lightheartedness throughout making this film perfect for those who can’t even handle the scary parts of a Disney movie.

Some big laughs, kitschy songs & dances, not-so-cuddly bunnies, great characters, and a ton of FUN! Rocky Horror Picture show but for Easter.

A Campy Fun watch

I enjoyed this film. The characters are quirky and the comedy is the right amount of goofy for me. There is an underlaying mystery that will keep you guessing the identify of the movie’s monster, The Jackalope. The horror is low-fi with stuffed bunnies with red eyes doing the work of evil bunny army. This makes it not too gross. (good for me because I don’t like slasher films) There is also a musical number mid-way that added to the zany quality of this film. The actors all do a good job of making these town people seem believable even if they are odd.

It was a good date night movie. Recommend.

Great Easter fun…

Needless to say that I had never even heard about this 2024 horror comedy movie titled “Easter Bloody Easter” from director Diane Foster (whom played Jeanie Cooper in the movie) and writer Allison Lobel (whom played Mary Lou in the movie). But stumbling upon the movie right up to the Easter holidays, of course it was appropriate to sit down and watch it. And of course, with it being a horror movie that I hadn’t already seen, then I would sit down and watch it nonetheless.

The first thing that drew me to pick up the movie was its cover. I really liked the cover for this horror comedy movie. It was just brilliantly made.

The storyline, from writer Allison Lobel, was actually an enjoyable and entertaining one. It was a script that combined elements of horror and comedy quite well. And that made “Easter Bloody Easter” quite a nice surprise of a movie.

Of course I wasn’t familiar with a single actress or actor on the cast list. But I have to say that the cast ensemble definitely put on good performances throughout the course of the movie. Leading actresses Diane Foster and Kelly Grant carried the movie quite well.

I have to say that the production value of “Easter Bloody Easter” was definitely far better than what I was expecting from a movie with such a title.

The furry bunnies with the glowing eyes were just hilarious. I loved them so much, because they definitely brought some good laughs to the movie.

There is a good amount of blood and gore throughout the course of the movie, which definitely was a nice touch, and it helped to make the movie all the more fun to watch.

“Easter Bloody Easter” is a fun horror comedy, and it is actually well-worth taking the 103 minutes to sit down and watch. I was genuinely entertained throughout the course of the movie and had some good laughs along the way.

My rating of “Easter Bloody Easter” lands on a six out of ten stars.