The Tearsmith (2024)

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64% – Audience

The Tearsmith Storyline

Within the walls of the Grave, the orphanage where Nica grew up, a legend has always been told: that of the maker of tears, a mysterious craftsman, guilty of crafting all the fears and anxieties that inhabit the hearts of men. But at seventeen years old, the time has come for Nica to leave fairy tales behind. Her biggest dream is about to come true. Mr and Mrs Milligan have started the adoption process and are ready to give her the family she has always wanted. In her new home, however, Nica is not alone. Along with her, Rigel, a restless and mysterious orphan, the last person in the world Nica would want as an adoptive brother, is also taken from the Grave. Rigel is intelligent, smart, plays the piano like an enchanting demon and has a beauty that can enchant, but his angelic appearance conceals a dark nature. Even though Nica and Rigel are united by a common past of pain and hardship, living together seems impossible, but kindness and anger are two different ways of fighting pain to stay alive and to conceal the emotions that devastate their hearts, becoming for each other that tears-maker of legend. To the maker of tears you cannot lie: and they will have to find the courage to accept that desperate force that attract them towards each other called love.

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The Tearsmith Movie Reviews

Worst Movie This Year

This didn’t evoke emotions at all! It has the corniest most awkward and unrealistic lines, cliche and very predictable events, bad acting, stupid court scene, and what the hell kind of ending is that? If this is from a famous book which i haven’t read, then this is the worst adaptation ever. This is the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year! A total waste of time! And who the hell dubbed it in English? The way the lines were delivered was so offputting, unnatural, and just plain weird. It made the actors look bad in acting. I dont know if it’s the dubbing that’s weird, or the actors. The directors did really bad in the way the entire movie was put together. The music background, the shots, the acting, the lines, the interpretation. It’s bad enough that the plot sucks and has no originality but the fact that I am such a crybaby who could easily cry at the most trivial things and fall in love with the simplest things, yet this movie did not move me in any way and just basically transformed me into a stonehearted human being. The only emotion this movie unleashed from inside of me is anger. I am so disappointed for wasting my time!

Better than I thought it would be

This film was a good watch, it’s not what I expected instead it reminded me a little of Withering Heights without spoiling…. I would definitely watch a sequel. I found myself hoping the film would not end so I did enjoy. The two main actors were really good when it came to chemistry. It’s hard to write a long review without given spoilers. If you like twilight and teen romance I would say give it a watch. Don’t judge as it is what it is. This was also well dubbed in English. The love story really draws you in and makes you leaving wanting to know a lot more about what to come. I really do hope for a sequel, enjoy 🙂

Don’t give it any view. Probably the worst movie in 2024 so far

I haven’t read the book, so I can’t say anything about it, but everything in the plot is predictable and obvious since the beginning, scene by scene, the acting is unbelievable bad, sooooo bad I’m actually shocked they made it to the final cut, the actors have no diction in Italian and everything is constantly whispered, the lead female actress just can’t act, she was the worst, followed by the lead male actor (who is a singer, so I understand why acting is not his strength), the director’s choices are nonsense in every scene, the script and the lines are so terrible that you end up giggling and wondering. At one point new characters are introduced and you don’t know who they are until the end of the scene. There is one scene (no spoiler because it’s useless to the plot) where the parents are stuck in the traffic and it’s evening. When the traffic is over and the parents are back home, it’s morning and everyone is cool with that and having spent the night in the car waiting for the cars to move. This made me laugh a lot, so thank you for that!

The only actress I would save in this is the girl playing Adeline.