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The 37th annual professional wrestling event Royal Rumble takes place on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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First rumble ive watched in a while – it was definitely missing something

I love Royal Rumble matches, and think they are the most exciting PPV’s on WWE due to the surprise entrances in each match. Last time i watched was may 3/4 years ago and i remember it being a lot better. There was no legends in the women’s match at all, there didn’t seem to be any in the men’s matches either that weren’t still a regular on the show. The outcomes seemed almost obvious because i noticed the graphic in the corner of the screen announcing who would be on the aftershow was the winners of each match…i mean. Come on!! As soon as i saw the women’s winner in the graphic, i then knew who had won the men’s match before even watching it.

Logan paul is actually surprising impressive and entertaining, and the show was still good, but it lacked the magic it had last time. Alexa bliss, charlotte, sasha banks are sorely missed.

Predictably winners still worth the journey

Road to wrestlemania begins here , while being a really great tagline. Can sometimes Be at the detriment of the royal rumble event. Evident this year Making the winners slightly predictable . With a shot at the title at wrestlemania on the line . You can be certain that some wrestlers Are never going to win this event, due to the fact that they are not the type of wrestler who will be main eventing the biggest match of the year. It’s also felt a bit like the commentary team was in on who would be the eventual winners , which is also a shame has it influences the style of Commentary . Some strong action and a pretty good card across all the matches Make for some strong viewing. Just the predictability meaning both matches are focused on 4 to 5 individuals rather than feeling like anyone is had a chance to win the rumble. Doesn’t take away from the event very watchable this year With some strong Matches outside of the two rumbles .

Wwe missed the big opportunity.

I don’t know why I bothered to analyze it, but it was the most predictable storyline I’ve seen in a long time, causing me to lose sleep last night.

If we break down the matches, the Women’s Royal Rumble was simply amazing, saving the night with its inclusion of feuds, betrayal attempts, debuts, and strong wrestlers. Everyone who needed to shine did so adequately. Jade Cargill’s debut was excellent, and the comebacks of Liv Morgan and Naomi, along with Bayley’s victory, were significant and well-placed.

There were two title matches, and predicting both accurately suggests the show started much higher than it ended. We knew Roman Reigns would retain his title, but I didn’t expect it to be so simple, with just a couple of spears in a 10-minute match. I anticipated a more exciting and dramatic contest. The US title match also fell short of expectations, opting for the simplest method by not having Kevin Owens and Logan Paul lose. Both matches were disappointingly straightforward.

However, the most underwhelming match was the Men’s Royal Rumble. It felt like the most poorly thought-out match globally. With other paths for Cody to reach Wrestlemania, giving him the Royal Rumble win seemed like taking the easy way out. The lack of surprises, despite most participants being undisclosed, and the prominence of the announced four contestants, felt overly simplistic. No need to drag it out further-hopefully, Wrestlemania XL will be exceptional this year.

Women’s RR = 9/10 Men’s RR = 5.5/10 Undisputed Championship = 6/10 US Championship = 6.5/10.