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Finn (Anson Lo) goes on an island adventure with his friends to get over a haunting tragedy. This journey into wilderness goes horribly awry — they begin to suffer from frightening dreams and come upon strange artefacts on this strange island. They encounter an old man (David Chiang) living seemingly by himself in a desolate village. It’s not long before they realise that an ancient devil exists and stalks them at every turn. What awaits them are things they would never expect out of this supposedly serene trip.—CineAsia

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This movie was triiiiiiipy. I went into this movie totally blind–I didn’t know what it was about besides knowing who the lead actor was, not everyone else, or even the genre I had no idea. I don’t want to say I was confused, but I did have questions about where the movie was going in the beginning.

For the first hour of the movie all you know is that something is not right with the family. In that first hour a few key things occur–important and shocking enough to keep you in-tuned but still not informational enough to let you know what’s coming next. Then, in the last hour is when I was at the edge of my seat, then gripping the armrests, then mentally preparing myself to be spooked. The last hour was a rollercoaster. This little sleeper of a movie was terrific, a great addition to the horror/thriller genre.

A genuine nightmare to watch

This is a bit of an old fashioned horror movie with a innovative touch. Something that plays as a dramatic movie first and then slowly becomes something else. Like “Rosemary” or “Exorcist” but without the high profile clout of those directors. This is around 1.5hr of an exploration of tragedy and grief through characters struggling to cope.

To say much of this film is to ruin it, so lashing praise onto certain aspects of it is the best one can do. Not to say this is a film with a big twist, it isn’t. David Chiang is fantastic as is no surprise at this point in his career. All the performances carry their own for all the actors. The cinematography, rhythms and pacing, sense of place and space, and sound design are all superb and work in conjunction to create atmosphere and dread — like a pit in your stomach that continues to grow and grow throughout.

It turns into a genuine nightmare that absolutely worked for me. See it blind, see it as a movie first and foremost (not as a horror show with jump scares), but just see it.

A tense , intriguing , mysterious and well performed thriller with some plot holes

The story is well paced after it’s first 10-15 minute of slow burn, suffering from some disturbing incidents of varying quality, packing nice as well as mental scary moments . There are some really creepy scenes with soul reaching chills, ghastly surprises and outstanding the pleasantly visual look too. Beautiful Art Direction, especially the details on Chinese wedding scene which was just stunning.

There’s a demon likes to get inside your mind, if he enters he can be a bit unkind, takes you down a winding path, a quite determined sociopath, doesn’t care what trauma that he leaves behind. It’s the kind of shade that’s often passed along, the recipient may feel they don’t belong, an imposter in their world, wearing a mask fully unfurled, all life’s treasures we take for granted, simply gone.

Some stellar performances in a film that will get you thinking about the effects life’s challenges present and how you deal with them, albeit through the eyes of those possessed by demonic urges they can’t control.