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Pretty good, some nice touches

I think i’d have given it an 8 if Jonathan Stoddard wasn’t hamming up the whole prince accent/smile quite to the extent he was. Wasn’t awful but he perhaps put it on too thick trying to go for an english aristocracy trope.

Outside of that, all the other characters were great, and some of the scenes were particularly moving. Think Santa Claus! The film did the settings slightly differently than most; everyone was prosperous, no one got stranded and there wasn’t insane outside interference from the parents of either of the two main leads. In gneral, yeah, quite a warm film that didn’t push in too hard on cliches . I’d defo recommend.

No Chemistry

I can’t say I understand the folks (apologies) that saw chemistry between these two. They both felt flat in this highly predictable show. It felt like they were both reciting their lines, and neither is more than above-average in looks. Often, in these films, supporting actors rescue an otherwise tepid show, but, alas, such is not the case here.

Well into the story I still couldn’t decide, from the narrative, if she was leading him along in order to get a killer interview. But the biggest mystery was why his shields weren’t up in this situation. As a royal prince he must have developed a bit of a hard shell, and he appears to be a naive 30-yr old here.

No chemistry. No tension. Blah.