Yule Log (2023)


Yule Log Storyline

Two friends take their buddy to a secluded cabin to take his mind off the recent loss of his wife. What they don’t expect is a night of terror after they unknowingly burn wood from a tree that has grown from a mound once used to burn a powerful witch. The cursed timber re-awakens dark spirits and creatures, forcing them, and a stranded woman, to fight for their lives during the Night of Mothers. This Yule Log burns forever, in hell.

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Yule Log Movie Reviews

No, just no…

Now, of course I had never even heard about this 2023 horror movie titled “Yule Log”. But with it being a horror movie that I hadn’t already seen, of course I opted to sit down and watch the movie. Actually, the movie’s cover was interesting enough to make me pick it up.

But as the movie started and I saw that it was Mark Polonia who directed it, my expectations went from slim to none. He has some really, really questionable movies to his name. Yet, I still opted to give “Yule Log” a fair chance.

The storyline in “Yule Log” was not great. I didn’t really grasp what the idea and the concept behind the script was. So writer Aaron Drake failed to entertain me with what he conjured up here for director Mark Polonia to bring to the screen.

The acting performances in “Yule Log” very amateurish, wooden, rigid and questionable. But then again, that is something you would expect from a Mark Polonia movie.

The movie looks like something that was filmed with someone’s parents digital home video camera.

The movie’s cover was actually the best thing about this amateurish attempt of film making.

My rating of “Yule Log” lands on a one out of ten stars.