Art of Love (2024)

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Art of Love Storyline

Alin (Esra Bilgic) and Ozan (Ushan Cakir) are Interpol officers who have been assigned to investigate a series of art thefts around the world. The thief seems to be breaking into museums and stealing the least valuable works of art, ignoring the other priceless artifacts in the same location.They quickly realize that the art thief is not grabbing the least valued paintings at the museums but specifically all paintings related to love. Putting this together helps them figure out the next target for the thief.Alin is right, but the thief is able to grab the painting in broad daylight with no one knowing and leave Alin just enough of a trace, see his face, but not be able to catch him.Alin immediately knows who the thief is now. Her ex-lover, Guney (Birkan Sokullu). Guney and Alin were going steady when he suddenly disappeared, without explanation, and left her heart broken.Interpol chief refuses to arrest Guney, as he is a billionaire and can easily buy the paintings he wants. He also says that Alin has a history with Guney, and hence they need solid evidence against him.Alin decides she’s going to use her charm to catch Guney red-handed.When Alin approaches Guney, he asks her for a second chance, and she pretends to reluctantly give in. Guney explains that he ran away the first time as he was scared of commitment.In the meantime, Ozan has the information to figure out who is working with Guney now, and they also find a warehouse where they work. Alin tries to go there and get some evidence, but she’s caught by Vera, Guney’s hacker.Vera and Alin get into a physical fight, leading Vera to believe Alin is a cop. But she only manages to see her eyes as Alin was wise enough to cover her face. From the recovered material, Alin figures out that the next theft will be in Prague.Alin and Guney spend more time together, and he tells her that he doesn’t want to spend time apart, but he has a business trip to Prague for two days. Alin convinces him to take her along.This is when she gets the billionaire treatment, and he takes her on a private jet and gifts her fancy new clothes. On the flight, Vera finds something strange about Alin and tells the other guy on their team, Omer (Hakan Ummak), that she might have been the cop who tried to break into the warehouse. At the time, Guney had dismissed the idea and said it must have been a random break-in.Alin’s partner shows up at the hotel, saying she can’t be doing a mission that her chief denied, but she’s determined to catch Guney. However, Ozan thinks it’s just her attraction to him that’s keeping her there.Guney takes Alin to a private dress rehearsal for a romantic musical she’s been wanting to watch, and it is enough for her to fall for Guney again. Alin and Guney almost go all the way in his hotel room, but Alin claims they’re going too fast and leaves.The next day is the day of the robbery, and Guney leaves Alin with a car to use all day while he has some work. The second he’s gone, Ozan and she follow him. Yet again, they’re unable to catch him, and they’re back to Istanbul and square one.Faysal Varli is an old man and a sleaze who is a businessman, and Guney plans on buying his company. Faysal has a private painting collection. He gives Alin and Guney a private viewing of this collection, and immediately, Alin realizes they’re all stolen. This gives Guney the idea to break into the highly protected collection.This is a foolproof security system with too many layers, yet Guney has the confidence to break into it. There’s a voice and face recognition step, and there are about 75 cameras leading up to the collection, so it’s almost an impossible task. Additionally, there’s a set of words, like a pass key, that keeps changing, that Faysal himself has to repeat for the vault to open. It’s his voice that’s recognized, but Guney has a solution for it all.Just as Guney is trying to break in and everything is going to plan, Faysal decides to bring a woman down to the vault. Vera freaks out, but just when they’re about to enter the room, Faysal is asked to go back to the house.Alin is there to tell Faysal that his collection is going to be stolen from him, but he doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she doesn’t know who it will be, but she knows there’s a plan. This is obviously not the answer he wants, so he chokes her to try and get her to spill, but Ozan shows up at that moment. He asks for the crime scene, but Faysal tells him to leave if he doesn’t have a warrant. Alin decides the best thing to do is leave and take Ozan and the team with her.The next day, Faysal shows up in her bedroom, and finds out it was Guney who stole the painting thanks to her notes in her apartment with all the investigation on Guney. Alin tries to find Guney to warn him and tell him the truth.Guney already knew that Alin worked for Interpol, and he left a trail for her to find him on purpose.Guney had disappeared for some time without a trace because he was caught in Mexico. This left Alin heartbroken because he never reached out to her or told her anything about what he used to do. After 3 years, he did a press conference to show up on the grid again, but by this time, Alin had already started to work for Interpol in Paris. Apparently, he found it really hard to find her, and when he did, he couldn’t just tell her he was a thief.So now, he basically made her go in circles to fall in love with him again. Guney takes Alin to his grandfather’s house. It seems he got interested in art thanks to his grandfather, who was a wonderful painter but was never recognized for his work.However, the reason Guney decided to start stealing is because when they were first together, Alin told him that the Mona Lisa went up in value only after it got stolen.Faysal stands across from Guney and Alin in front of a lake, a dead end. Faysal shoots past Guney’s ear, just missing him to threaten him. This is after Guney has been tormenting Alin to tell him she still loves him all the way while running away from Faysal. Just as Faysal is about to shoot again, Ozan shows up.Guney did Ozan a favor by giving him information about Faysal (when Guney broke into Faysal’s vault, he found information and documents that linked Faysal to the drugs trade); in return, Ozan will leave Guney alone because he’s only a harmless art and heart stealing person. Since Ozan is an ex-narcotics officer, he is, of course, thrilled to lock up Faysal.Alin promises not to turn Guney in and tells him she loves him. There are two options, one is that Alin stops working for Interpol so that she and Guney can go on a robbing spree since they won’t really have anything else to do and they’re both clearly so interested in art.On the other hand, Guney will stop stealing for the thrill of it and go back to being just a boring old billionaire. Or maybe they start an underground art gallery together with all the stolen pieces and never get found out.

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Art of Love Movie Reviews

Sorry but a waste of time

The plot is so overused in many movies and video clips and they gave the worst version of it.

The movie is more like a tourism advertisement for beautiful places, they focused more on the cinematography which was the only positive thing for me, but in an exaggerated way The name doesn’t meet the content (Romance & comedy nerde !!!!!!!??????) + the acting level is low and boring. I’ve watched Birkan in (Masumlar Apartmani,Hayat Sarkisi and Yüz Yillik Mucize) and Esra (Ertugrul,Ramo) before their performances were way too better, here seems like they are faking it!

Their chemistry is 6/10 beautiful but not wow.

This movie is a “Romantic Comedy” ….Except There’s No Romance or Comedy

The movie claims to be a romantic comedy but there is literally no romance or humor to be found. The characters, both individually and as a couple, lack development, making it difficult to invest in their relationship. There’s zero foundation for their connection or emotional journey. They just throw these two actors together with a revolving door of hair styles/colors and skimpy outfits (most with absolutely no relevance to the plot, by the way), Plus, they throw in random smooches with no build-up, no emotional depth, just a slapdash attempt to fulfill some quota.

It is obvious the movie was deliberately made to appeal to an audience that like shallow, lusty content (and Netflix is making lot of that kinda stuff lately) regardless of any story line. But for anyone craving a shred of romance, story, or even a chuckle, you’ll be seriously disappointed.

What’s truly baffling is that for such low-class, trashy film with no atristic merit, they managed to sign up Brikan and Esra! These are actors with serious chops (remember Brikan as Han in The Innocents, or Esra’s phenomenal performance as Madame Corinne in Ataturk or Sibel in Ramo). Usually, it’s unknown or unestablished actors desperate for a break who take on such trashy and vulgar roles.

One has to wonder if such demeaning roles will cheapen the brand of the lead actors and hurt their standing in serious acting circles. As a huge fan of both of these stars, it honestly saddens me to see them doing these kind of cheap roles.

Lackluster Scriptwriting

Despite good cinematography and captivating locations, the movie falls flat with its clichéd plot, lackluster scriptwriting, and subpar acting. The revelation that the art thief is the protagonist’s ex-lover feels contrived, and the attempts to inject suspense fall short due to predictable twists. The performances are hardly adequate and they struggle to breathe life into characters that feel one-dimensional and lacking in depth. The chemistry between the leads, meant to ignite the screen with passion and conflict, fizzles rather than sparks, making it difficult for viewers to invest in their journey. While the visuals offer moments of aesthetic pleasure, they can’t compensate for the film’s overall lack of substance. The movie may dazzle the eyes, but it leaves much to be desired in terms of storytelling and execution.