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Interesting movie…..but predictable

Sienna is a lovely girl who wants to go to Hollywood and has the chance to participate in an acting workshop with an acting tutor, Max Frost, before she heads off to college. So, she asks her mother, Lisa, who reluctantly gives her OK. Sienna and her friend, Amy, join the workshop and meet Max Frost. Sienna is taken with Max who seems to see great acting talent in her as he asks all of the participants to read for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The girl who currently was picked to be Juliet is replaced by Sienna and Max starts taking special interest in her and takes her under his wing with individual after-hours coaching. Uh-oh. Viewers know where this movie is heading. Max has ulterior motives. But what are they and how does Sienna fit in? This is worth a watch with Cameron Jebo as baddie Max. Not bad as far as Lifetime movies go and worth a look!