Girls on Film (2023)

92% – Critics
92% – Audience

Girls on Film Storyline

Jenna Thayer aka ‘Rain’ is an aspiring nurse struggling to put herself through nursing school by working as a cam girl filming erotic content on an adult website. After Rain’s landlord discovers her illicit occupation, Rain is evicted from her home and is forced to find new living arrangements. Answering an ad for a room to rent, Rain finds herself at a luxurious desert mansion. Sipping a cocktail next to the pool is a glamorous heiress and the owner of the residence, Blake. Welcoming Rain with a champagne toast and a mysterious smile, Blake invites Rain to move into the estate.Locking in on Rain, Blake sets out to incorporate herself into Rain’s world by suggesting that she join in on Rain’s steamy live streams for the adult website. Hesitant at first, Rain soon agrees to Blake’s proposition and the young women begin creating sensual girl-on-girl content for the world to see. Bonding through the shared commonality of their broken pasts, Rain and Blake’s physical relationship soon becomes romantic as Blake falls deeply in love with Rain. However, having never been in an amorous relationship with a woman, Rain is confused about her feelings for Blake.Used to getting what she wants, Rain’s hesitancy regarding the romance ignites Blake’s demons of her past. Struggling with bipolar disorder and a drug addiction, Blake is unable to control her erratic behavior and begins treating Rain with cruel disdain. Unwilling to submit to Blake’s insanity and dealing with her own struggles and shame in her current occupation, Rain threatens to leave the relationship… A downward spiral of pain and toxicity encapsulates the women and ultimately tragedy bonds them forever.

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Girls on Film Movie Reviews


Rain (aka. Girls on Film) is first and foremost a bit of softcore titillation, much like you’ll find on late-night TV. It’s not too explicit, has a basic story and allows the two protagonists to undress and have intimate relations. It also throws in a bit of mild drama for the sake of tension.

The pros here are that the girls are attractive, it’s nicely filmed and there are a few dark(ish) themes. On the flip side, the acting is very bad, the dialogue isn’t great and it’s not really explicit enough.

Saying that however, the story and the acting probably aren’t the reasons why you’re here in any case. If you’re a fan of either of the actresses or just want to have a little harmless fun (which is absolutely couples-friendly), then there are worse ways to spend your time.

Not a great romance film but was able to watch until the end

I thought the Girl Lost series was interesting and it’s good to see Robin doing something a little different. Unfortunately the film was sort of a let down. I didn’t feel magic in this film. Hopefully if Robin makes another LGBTQ film it would be more engaging. The film score was not very good, and the overall film was shot pretty generically. The actresses weren’t great but I like the effort they put in, they did try. But the main problem for me with this film is that it felt sort of boring. For much of the film I didn’t care what was happening, the film needed a slower pacing and more sizzle and personality, for a romance film it’s missing that romantic feel to it. The emotional moments didn’t hit me as hard as she was attempting to do. I do enjoy her films and I hope she does more but I would like to see better screenplays and more personality in her directing style, it’s hard to describe Robin as a director.

An art film set in a dark reality

An art film set in a dark reality so poignant that there were times I had to look away. To clarify, There was one scene in particular that was extremely painful to watch because I could see the true agony in the actresses eyes. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The scene I’m referring to is one in which the actress who plays Rain is taken advantage of by a man in a hotel in such a cruel, heartless way that my heart hurt for her. Tremendous work from all involved. I’ve seen director Robin Bain’s previous Girl Lost films which brought me to this one and it did not disappoint. Dark, raw, intense and completely devastating.