Down the Rabbit Hole (2024)

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Tochtli, a boy who likes hats, dictionaries, samurais, guillotines, and the French. And now, all he wants is a new animal for his private zoo: a Namibian pygmy hippo. HIs father, Yolcaut, is willing to satisfy his every whim, even if that whim is an endangered exotic animal. Because Yolcaut will always manage.

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Wonderfully original story

There are a lot of very funny things in this unusual story though I am sure some of the humor is lost in translation., for instance, the main character, the ten year old son of a Mexican drug lord, is continually referred to as “Cabroncito” which the according to the subtitles means ” bonehead” but which my translator app says means something different. Regardless, the relationship between the father and son is quite touching, the former going so far as to take his son to Africa in search of a pigmy hippopatamos for the young boy’s personal zoo, but, despite such grandiose indulgence, the little boy leads a rather lonely life in his papa’s compound, cut off from other children his age and connected to the outside world only through his tutor, a failed writer, who Papa boasts is “the highest paid teacher in Mexico”.. All in all “Down the Rabbit Hole” is an entertaining film, a story probably unlike anything you have previously seen.

Interesting story

Even though the movie moves along slowly, it captures the relationship between father and son. Many of the lines are funny to us Mexicans, I can understand if someone doesn’t get the one liners of you don’t understand the culture.

The music soundtrack is second to none, if you grew up in a Mexican family in the early 80’s to present. You can hear Ramon Ayala and even some Chalino playing in the background.

My wife actually liked it and she doesn’t really like anything to do with cartel subject lines. I usually rate around a 7 if i enjoyed it, but at this time I’ll rated it an 8 just because I will recommend this film to my friends and family.