The Christmas Classic (2023)

33% – Critics
33% – Audience

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The Christmas Classic Movie Reviews

Better than Christmas with the Campbells

I don’t know what it is with the parody parading as serious hallmark style cheesy Christmas movies being churned or in recent years but I can’t imagine that anyone could watch these movies with any grain of seriousness when the plots are completely stereotyped and across who are generally decent actors purposely over (under?) act to be on par with actual holiday movies thar are supposed to be taken seriously. That being said, this movie made me laugh hard at the ridiculousness of how perfectly this movie played on those played out tropes. And, they did it better than the 2022 Christmas parody, Christmas with the Campbells which was just downright cringe-worthy thanks to my beloved Justin Long’s awful, over the top nondescript southern/Midwestern small town cowboy accent. I hear Justin Long but I heart Chris Hansen almost as much and at least he didn’t attempt a bad accent. Definitely worth a watch for a good laugh at the tongue in cheek, poking fun at sappy holiday romance movies.

Gross, with some good actors.

I was hopeful for another decent holiday movie with comedy and charm, a great plot line and some romance.

What I got?

More than 40 dick jokes and a deep concern for one of the child actors. Never in my life would I have expected to hear a child be forced to say “would 6 inches make you happy, mommy?”.


Was this supposed to be a parody? What was the point of this movie? To humiliate Malin and Amy? A waste of money and resources as far as I’m concerned. For anyone trying to avoid chauvinistic movies with dick innuendoes every 2 minutes- don’t waste your time with this film.

If a parody this was to be, you missed the mark entirely.

Possibly the worst AND least accurate Christmas movie ever made

If you want some sense of accuracty or truth in your movies, don’t look for it in this one. I am a former resident of Ruidoso, New Mexico and have been to the ski resort there on multiple occasions. I can tell you that:

It is called Ski Apache and not Ski Alto. While you do turn in the small town of Alto to go up the mountain to the resort, that is not the name of the resort.

The ski resort has been owned by the Mescalero Apache Indian Tribe for over sixty years. It is not owned by a local family (or been in their family for generations).

A character asks why there are no hotels in the area. THERE ARE!!!! Tourism because of the ski resort, the horse racing track, the lakes, the casinos, and many other things make this town into a tourist destination and the area towns (Ruidoso, Alto, and Ruidoso Downs) are full of hotels and motels. It is the main industry for the area.

Ski Apache is not a dumpy little ski run. As the southern most ski resort in the United States, it is full every week with skiers for the nearby cities of El Paso and Lubbock (Texas) and Juarez and Chihuahua (Mexico) as well as people from further away in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

There isn’t a Christmas Tree lot on the top of the mountain in the parking lot for the resort. That is honestly not a financially viable plan for the square footage.

The constant Dick jokes in the movie because of a main characters name were also unappreciated as well as unwelcome and should have gotten this a PG-13 rating.

Avoid this film like the plague.