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Whose brilliant idea was it to add dancers to the Memoriam segment in the show?

The Academy Awards would get a higher rating if they had respected those we lost this year. Sadly, they decide to have Andrea Bocelli and his son sing beautifully onstage. The memoriam video wasn’t used entirely. I could see dancers and the orchestra. It was disrespectful to those we lost at all. As a viewer at home, I didn’t see the memoriam entirely. It was disrupted by distractions. Please restore the memoriam to remember those we lost.

Apart from the memoriam disaster, the awards did better an hour earlier. Jimmy Kimmel did a superb job as host. The awards moved along smoothly without showing clips in the acting categories. The presenters were fine. The show ended a few minutes earlier than usual. Sadly there were no surprises this time especially in the acting categories. Both films, “Oppenheimer,” and “Poor Things,” dominated the night. Ryan Gosling did well as did the other performers. I would have liked to have seen the film clips for the actors rather than five previous academy award winners to say something remarkable about a particular nominee and welcome a new member into the club.

When Marvin Brando consigned an Oscar to . . .

. . . a representative of the original Americans a few years back, the Academy revoked this recognition of such individuals’ unheralded knack of putting on a brave face, and erased Marvin’s attempt to spotlight an overlooked cohort of actors as if he were just a kooky visiting Martian who did not fully understand Earthling politics. However, the build-up to Tinsel Town’s “Big Night” this year promised that the one sure winner would reinstate Marvin’s effort to finally right the wrongs of the Twentieth Century. Shockingly, like Lucy yet again pulling the football away before Charlie Brown can kick it, this promised restitution was shifted at the last moment to an infamous harlot in a self-proclaimed broken dress. Talk about Hollywood’s Walk of Shame!

96th Academy Awards

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards and he is regarded as a safe pair of hand. As long as he did not make jokes about Robert Downey Jr. They all bombed.

Kimmel later redeemed himself with his response to an online review by a former president.

Oppenheimer was the big winner of the night. It took all the major honours. Poor Thing was the poor thing but it still won four. Barbie’s Oscar went for a song.

Once again a Martin Scorsese film leaved empty handed. Like The Irishman, lots of nominations but no wins.

Here is a hint Marty. Next time make a shorter film! Actually Kimmel noted how long some of the contenders were. Did anyone think of my bladder.

Some of the victory speeches were still cloying. Seeing Twins Arnie and Danny DeVito take on Michael Keaton’s Batman was fun.

A slick show but once again they messed up the In Memoriam section. I want to see the people who passed on. Not the singers, dancers or the orchestra.

As for the Best Picture presenter. Give up on getting the actor who was in that hit movie fifty years ago. It’s way past their bedtime.