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Wrath of Dracula Movie Reviews

Terrible, but so much fun.

Jonathan Harker has been a guest of Count Dracula at his Castle in Transylvania, tearing that something isn’t quite right, he sends for his wife, who arrives and instantly neets up with Professor van Helsing.

So, the film has a relatively low score, and justifiably so I hear you say, but it’s actually not all bad.

So, it looks a little amateur, and feels a little cheap, but late night on Christmas eve, after a few gins, waiting for Santa, I rather enjoyed it. It is very talky, and at times it looks rough around the edges, but there’s definitely some creativity behind it.

Considering this was made on a shoestring budget, if actually looks decent at times, some of the sets and costumes are nice, and Castle Dracula looks awesome. There’s some interesting mythology surrounding The Count, I liked the ideas about his origins.

It’s still better than the third part of Moffatt’s BBC series from a few years ago.

Sean Cronin makes for an interesting Count Dracula, he’s quite a fishy vampire.

Nonsense, but fun.


Stylish Gothic horror.

Many fans of Gothic horror will welcome this low budget adaptation of Bram Stoker’s tale. The film’s strengths lie in atmospheric cinematography and strong acting performances by the main protagonists, especially that of Hannaj Bang Bendz as Mina, who almost succeed in overcoming an overly wordy script which weakens the otherwise prevailing sense of menace. The director attempts the Shakespearean ploy of introducing scenes of light relief through visual gags during action scenes but these largely misfire in my humble opinion. Dracula’s brides are beautiful and chilling in equal measure with Ayvianna Snow’s Maria a stand out performance. More, please!