My Christmas Hero (2023)

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Super cringey! Not in a good way.

Great cast but sadly that’s about it. And even that is wrong since the age gap between actresses playing mother and daughter is just too small. Ok, kudos to the set design, music, costumes and makeup… Military references sound like written by somebody who doesn’t understand a thing about war and soldiers.

There are meta references trying to make fun of the Christmas movie genre, but they just miss the point/are not funny enough to justify some stereotypical plot decisions. (Ok, maybe the one when they walk in the snow wearing just thin jackets, no hats, scarves or gloves and he asks her if she isn’t cold and she says that yeah, she is very warm was a bit funny).

And even their Jesus references are so pompous and stiff that they didn’t manage to tie him to Christmas!

And how come we’re supposed to believe that American soldiers who fought in WWII are still out and about.

No real feelings, no reflection, just reciting stereotypical lines – I know that plenty of people, especially religious and military related use those ready-scripts in their real life but that works only in the inner circle, not when you’re trying to make your ’cause’ interesting to the outside world.

The cherry on the top: there is absolutely no romance chemistry between the main characters. I wonder if that’s the main actress just holding back because she wants to be seen as a good christian wife in her private life.

So yeah, despite the dialogues being so full of moral righteousness, everyone in the movie seems to be selfish, focused on their own agenda, manipulative or calculated…


As the daughter of a WW II B-17 pilot/Captain I was especially touched by this wonderful movie. Loved it from beginning to end. When we honor our military we acknowledge the great freedom they provide. Enjoyed the actors and script. Wasn’t overly “sappy” but there were heartfelt moments throughout. Touched on PTSD issues our brave men and women face. Thought there was really good chemistry between all the characters. Of course, there was predictability as the story develops but it was still well done as it unfolded. Even my husband who is not normally drawn to these movies was drawn in. If you want a feel good patriotic Christmas movie this is it.

Just okay.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, having read a bit about Candace Cameron Bure recently, that there are lots of overt religious mentions in this film. Can’t remember many other films like this that really put it out there, even CCB’s previous work.

Aside from that, there are a few historical inaccuracies. Cast seemed too young all around, but especially the actors playing WW2 veterans. Either that or those guys are going full Benjamin Button and aging backwards?

And the grandfather died near Christmas at the end of the war in Italy? The Italians were pretty much rolled up and defeated before D-Day in Europe – in June of 1944. How hard is it for people to do some research?

CCB is okay. Gabriel Hogan is pretty good as Major Ross. The PTSD plot line is to be applauded: the more this insidious condition is normalised, the better.

Some patriotic sentimentality, but, for mine, they laid it on a little thick.

Ultimately, there are better military-themed Christmas movies out there.