Finding the Money (2023)

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An intrepid group of economists is on a mission to instigate a paradigm shift by flipping our understanding of the national debt – and the nature of money – upside down. We all use money, and yet the questions of what is money, and where does money come from remain elusive. FINDING THE MONEY follows former chief economist to the Senate Budget Committee, Stephanie Kelton, on a journey through Modern Money Theory or “MMT”, to unveil a deeper story about money, injecting new hope and empowering countries around the world to tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century: from climate change to inequality.—Finding the Money

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The Power to Transform

Finding the Money has the potential to completely upend the way you understand not only the economy but society as a whole. Few films, documentary or otherwise, can lay claim to that kind of impact upon the viewer. When the material presented is understood, suddenly everybody talking about govt policy-especially but not limited to fiscal policies like taxing and spending-starts to sound crazy. It’s because they don’t know what you now know. Or in some cases are pretending not to know it.

The myths that are propagated about the monetary system and the constraints it operates under are not accidents, but redound to the benefit of a power structure-a ruling class-that prefers the highly inegalitarian status quo. Economic inequality is not just an outcome of their preferred fiscal policies, but the very source of their political power. Understanding the power of fiat currency-and that money is not property belonging to individuals but a public utility-is essential to restoring egalitarianism and reclaiming democratic governance.

Completely changed my understanding (BA-Econ & MBA)

I consider(ed) myself to be a very knowledgeable about macro economics. This movie completely altered my understanding. I highly recommend. Taxation and government spending is obviously a subject that sparks a lot of political and ideological debate, but the film-maker exposes the hipocracy and misunderstanding that politicians of all ideologies share. I wish the movie was available by streaming it directly online. I would pay to see it again. I’d even give it away to friends for Christmas if it were possible to do so. Please try to increase the distribution of this really important information.