Freshwater (2016)

  • Year: 2016
  • Released: 14 Feb 2017
  • Country: United States
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Runtime: 83 min
  • Writer: Brandy Berry
  • Director: Brandy Berry
  • Cast: John Bobek, Donnabella Mortel, Zoë Bell
  • Keywords: serial killer, state trooper, giant crocodile,

Freshwater Storyline

A silent and swift predator is preying on helpless college students and the unsuspecting inhabitants of the sleepy town of Helena, Alabama. Before long, another devastating attack stains the waters red, as the alligator expert, Brenda Gray, and the local officer, Sheriff Jones, try their best to shed light on the mystery. More and more, the death toll keeps rising, and there’s no telling when the killings will end. Now, the quiet fresh-water assassin is waiting for the right time to strike again. What kind of hideous creature is lurking below the surface?—Nick Riganas

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Freshwater Movie Reviews

Sorry Zoë

I’m a sucker for a creature feature, but I just couldn’t get through this one. Zoë Bell did her best. Most of the actors did, in fact. I’ve seen worse. Much worse. But you can’t make a silk purse of a sow’s ear. You just end up with a weird lookin’ purse and a really angry pig.

Or something like that.

In any case, for me the two big problems were editing and visual effects. Obviously, in a creature feature, visual effects are your bread and butter. And, sadly, the bread and butter in this movie made for one laughable sandwich. I’ve seen smartphone apps that could superimpose digital effects more convincingly. Made me feel bad for the monster. Poor fella.

As for the editing, it was just a bit… wonky. People standing still for just a beat too long at the start of a scene, for example. Just makes things seem a bit unnatural. And the movie’s editing woes gave some scenes a really odd sense of timing. For example, the scene where the lady’s playing fetch with her dog, Fluffy. Oddly cut and oddly timed with weird shots of a dog standing alone in the weeds… If you haven’t seen the movie and you’re a kinda confused trying to picture what I just said in your head, that’s pretty much what it feels like watching the scene, too.

I was really hoping I’d like this one, but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry, Zoë.

Stay out of it

A while ago there was a fake trailer, that set up a movie where a shark was in a swimming pool and everyone panicked because they didn’t know what to do. It played finely and made great fun of many horror clichés, like people jumping into the pool, even though that was where the shark was and they still went in like lemmings on a suicide mission … well you get the point.

Why do I mention it? Well even though it’s a “crocodile” here (well the CGI is so bad, you almost wish Ed Wood made this with some rubber alligator! Would’ve been a lot funnier!) and a lake, the people here seem to be as “stupid” as the ones in the fake trailer. Unfortunately it is not played for laughs, but they try to make it serious and fail on a big scale. Add to that the predictability, the bad writing, directing and “acting” and you have something that either can make a good party/drink film or you should just stay away from as far as possible. You kinda feel sorry for Alligators and Zoe Bell.

You know you’ve got a great movie on your hands when……

………In the opening scene the girl walks up the jetty in shoes, close up on her face, she turns back, long shot again aaaaaaaand she’s wearing flip flops. They even make a point of the flip flip being found in the water for God’s sake! I swear, if there is any money in this stuff I’ve missed a trick. How bad a director do you have to be!?!? Lol.