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Shaken from the death of her beloved mother, Jessica is forced to visit her estranged Aunt and Uncle’s farm to tie up loose ends in her mother’s will.

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Chaos on the Farm Movie Reviews

Meet the Fockers

This film might be called Meet the Fockers from Hell. The clear intent was for a dark comedy. But there was too much “dark” ambience and too little comedy.

Jessica and her boyfriend Sam travel from the big city to the country farm of her aunt and uncle in order to deliver a $250,000 cashiers check from the estate of Jessica’s late mother. The film’s premise was that the real aunt and uncle have been murdered by two career criminals who impersonate Aunt Susan and Uncle Lawrence and plan to collect the inheritance.

Unfortunately, the premise was never believable. Both Jessica and Sam should have sensed that the two people were imposters. Even if Jessica’s memory was fuzzy on what her aunt and uncle looked like, the behavior they exhibited was completely phony, which should have alerted. One of the tipoffs was when Lawrence indicated the couple was retired when it was readily apparent that the large farm required full-time maintenance.

Stephen King is adept at this kind of over-the-top comedy-horror narrative. But the scenes of this film dragged interminably, and there were too many unpleasant moments that stretched credibility, such as the killing of the poor country sheriff.

In Susan, there was a thoughtful character who was still grieving the loss of her mother. She also had strong family values which motivated her to carry out the wishes of her mom by hand-delivering the check. Sadly, she was the only memorable character in this film. There was not a single turkey in residence on the farm, but it turned out that the real turkey was the film itself.

Don’t know where to start

So many improbable things you have to buy into to have this movie even seem possible. No pictures of the Aunt and Uncle. No one worried when none of the messages were returned. An attorney who would not deliver the check (that’s something they get paid for.) Sam discovers a body and then runs into the house to hide with the women. Car battery dies for no known reason. When Jessica decides to head back to the house, she could have gotten the sheriff’s gun or just used his radio that was attached to his shoulder- but instead she got his car keys. When she got to the cruiser, the hood was up so she should have known it wouldn’t start, but she tried anyway, not thinking about the noise the car starting would make or apparently even thinking about Sam.

And then, when she is in the cellar “in fear for her life” she pauses to have a poignant moment looking at pictures of her aunt and uncle.

It was like Lifetime told someone- we have X amount of money- go make a movie somehow.

Ridiculous in every way possible

I laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of this movie. The acting, writing, storyline, execution, all of it was over-the-top and unrealistic to the point of it being laughable.

The premise was fine, it was just executed in a way that was confusing and didn’t make any sense at all. It kinda reminded me of the 2015 horror film ‘The Visit’ where the couple staying at the home wasn’t actually the kids real grandparents. It actually took me a while to figure out that the guy murdered at the beginning was the real uncle. But they didn’t do a good job of moving the plot forward.

This is becoming normalized for Lifetime movie writers and producers. They make great plot devices sometimes but they execute it very poorly.

Characters such as Kurt, and the sheriff, seemed to be introduced so suddenly. And of course they had to make Kurt’s murder happen offscreen in an attempt to build suspense but it comes off as forced and contrived. And we don’t know how he was killed so there’s that. Also the sheriff and the store clerk talked about a robbery that happened that might’ve involved the Kurt guy, but we never see it happen. They most likely omitted a scene out of the movie where the robbery happened to keep it in time.

The boyfriend Sam, overacted through out, Especially during the scene where he saw Kurt’s body and warns Jessica about it and tells her that they both need to leave. As for Jessica she only ever showed at least one or two emotions, which were sadness from the loss of her mother and fear. Clare Kramer can play a believable psycho role, but she also over acted her part too.

70% of the film was just pointless filler dialogue (as usual) and it wasn’t until the last 30 minutes that the storyline really kicked into high gear and it was all overwhelming.

If it wasn’t for the poor and confusing delivery I would’ve rated it 6 stars, but a 4 star rating is fair enough.