Longest Third Date (2023)

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It’s March 2020 and Matt and Khani have gone on two good, if uneventful dates after matching on Hinge. Looking to shake things up for the third, they spontaneously agree to fly to Costa Rica – with COVID lockdowns looming. What’s the worst that could happen? Stranded together in a tropical paradise with no idea how they’ll get home, the two unwittingly become players in a social experiment that will put their compatibility to the ultimate test. As aspiring vlogger Matt’s camera captures everything from bubbly first moments to quarantine cooking, impromptu dance parties, and calamities on the road (not to mention the bugs. So. Many. Bugs), the two try to keep their cool, and leave open the possibility of real connection. Did Matt and Khani decide to YOLO at the worst time possible? Or will their extended time together be just what they need to finally take a chance on love?—Netflix

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