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It’s all grape juice to me but this is a fun flick

Even if you don’t drink wine, this is a solid, fun rom com just in time to take your mind off the dystopian disfunction that is the modern world, and most of what Netflix puts out. Like all rom coms it is predictable but it is also fun along the way. The performances and execution are top notch. The male lead is great. He is funny and convincing. And his eventual love interest has the charm and spark of a young Salma Hayek, (sans juggs). They even a have a real housewife of somewhere. I don’t like those shows but I’m happy to see one of them channeling all that drama up onto the big screen where it worked well. And have to admit it, she was good. All in all this is a fun flick worth checking out.

Are you kidding me?

Don’t even need to watch this to know. Did multiple double takes though just to make sure I wasn’t crazy because this is just a lazy rip off of “A California Christmas” with the same lead actor! Wtf?! Are you serious? How many times is Netflix just gunna rehash the same old story? A Cali Xmas wasn’t even that good. It was slightly above average for an average sappy love story from Netflix and that’s not saying much. Maybe not even that because the 2 leads are very easy on the eyes so they probably mask a lot of the movies short comings, if you’re brain dead and content with just drooling over them I guess. I have no words. Just lazy. But it’s Netflix so can we expect anything else?

Would rather watch paint dry, loading bars load, or grass grow.

Very rarely do I leave negative reviews. The Room had better story and plot. Wait, is this a Tommy Wiseau film? Nope; well Alex is following in Tommy’s footsteps. Highly doubt this becomes a cult classic though. Drudging on, every character in this film lives in some sort of alternate reality where the forces of our own bear no weight on them. Even the most privileged of people in the reality we live in have more self awareness and social awareness than any character in this film. Now to criticize the actual people from our own plane of existence; the director, producers, and anybody who made a decision in the production of this film floundered in a sea of opportunity. Every scene was just scraping the surface of what could have made for actual entertainment or funny dialog, but alas it was watered down. On the scale of pasteurized milk, this film is a 0%.