Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits (2023)


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Alex Borstein performs a music-infused stand-up special from The Wolford Theatre.

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Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits Movie Reviews

A Pleasant Watch

This is a generally funny performance and has heartfelt moments. It isn’t a bad way to spend 1.5 hours if you have the time to kill. The only issues are that at times the delivery seemed to drag and the audience itself can seem a bit flat/dull, which takes away from the overall experience.

Mr. Mills and Mr. Rey probably should have had a more detailed introduction up front so we weren’t sitting wondering who they were (at least up until they were introduced halfway through). Nevertheless, they were a pleasant addition and only added to the experience.

As to the overall “preachiness” that some reviewers have mentioned: Yes, there are times where I wanted to say, “Yep, I agree with that position 100%, now let’s keep it moving.” Still, as “preachy” as it was, her messages are things that need to be talked about right now.

Alex as you’ve never seen her!

Alex Borstein in this Amazon Prime special is a scream. Inventive, outrageous, funny as hell. Some of it does cross a line into the crass or vulgar (the Hitler maid song, oy vey; the “Jewmanji” song, too much self-loathing in my book) … but heck – it’s comedy, and the bits don’t last that long. It’s a nice blend overall between the standup material and the songs. She can really sing! The musicians and comic foils Salva and Eric get their due as well. I was previously familiar with Alex as Susie in Maisel and somewhat from Gilmore Girls so this was a nice surprise. Glad we stumbled into it and it was the most we laughed in a while! Ignore the miffed right-wingers pulling down the ratings here.

Absolutely Hilarious

Alex Borstein is hilarious and also can sing really well. She has come a long way from MAD TV. The original songs she sings in this special are funny and clever. Alex’s parents are in the audience and she talks to them during the show. She is an extremely talented performer who always made me laugh. I hope she does more comedy specials because she nails it. This is one of the better stand ups I’ve seen over the years. Alex isn’t afraid to say what she wants to say and doesn’t hold back. She even makes fun of herself and doesn’t take herself seriously. Move over Mrs. Maisel! This is the marvelous Ms. Borstein at her finest!