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A deep dive into space exploration means for society by comparing the parallel events of 1969 and 2020.

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Gonna be a big no on that.

Directly from The Science Channel’s news release:

In 1969, the country celebrated the landing on the moon. At the same time, the nation was mourning the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. And Robert F. Kennedy, with civil rights protesters facing violence in the streets. Inspired by overlapping events in 2020 when the first crewed NASA/SpaceX mission took flight while outrage was erupting around the brutal murder of George Floyd, FOR ALL HUMANKIND looks back to compare the contradictions of success and failure in the arenas of human space flight and human rights.

FOR ALL HUMANKIND takes a deep dive into what space exploration means for society by comparing the parallel events of 1969 and 2020. These two years – over fifty years apart – highlight the best the US has to offer in the realms of science, technology and innovation. But both years were also rife with civil unrest, as racial inequity and injustice spilled into the streets with protests that captivated the country and world.


Both points were valid independently, but I failed to see the correlation between the two. While I think a documentary “like” this should be made, the whole thing was a mess. There was no sense in between points and it left me wondering what I gained from watching this. The people who they were able to gain input from are incredibly influential in the space industry and the points they made were insightful. However, at no point did I understand the connection between the two story lines and it felt like I was watching two separate documentaries at the same time.

If you’re looking for an actual commentary on the struggles faced by people of color in space exploration don’t waste your time with this one.