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Forget all you know or all you think you know – also, what you think you think you know, forget that too. Go deep behind the scenes of the new Willow series from Lucasfilm, and hear from its breakout stars and returning legends. See that magic rekindle, the adventure continue, and the rivalries reveal themselves like never before.—Disney+

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This is really a mockumentary, and it’s not funny like This is Spinal Tap or Borat. The running joke in this “Behind the scenes” is that Warwick Davis is a narcissist who’s difficult to work with, brags on about how great he is and he hates Christian Slater. The cast and crew talk about how difficult Warwick is and……. UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ITS NOT FUNNY! I HATE THESE MOCK MAKING OF’S!

If you’re expecting any actual behind the scenes info, you might see about two minutes of it! The rest is just a joke, an overlong one that isn’t funny!

Imagine if they did this in the documentaries about the Star Wars or Marvel shows!!! UGH!!!

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