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Adam, an architect, has lived a traumatic life for two years. He is traumatized by seeing his wife and child being killed in front of his eyes. Because he can’t feel comfortable at work, he visits Amanda, a psychiatrist, at the suggestion of his friend. In the healing process, he can take revenge on one of his family’s killers. Then proceed with looking for the next killer. He is also romantically involved with his psychiatrist, who turns out to be the sister of a third assassin he has yet to kill.

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Innocent Vengeance Movie Reviews

3 stars for passing my time

A man whose family killed during house robbery, got to meet the robbers after 2 years. During the first encounter, what is the spontaneous urge? Nothing other than killing for sure?

Too many coincidences. The story and plots are too common. They were recycled from many film of the same genre and with even lower quality and details. The same vengeance story with nothing new. I guess it was good just to spend brainless time. Don’t expect an original plots or surprises, cause this was just a neat plots without improvisation. Not bad actors, but sometimes too much act probably from mediocre script.