The Devil’s Left Hand (2023)

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Subtle Creepiness

The Movie Raid Review

Film: The Devils Left Hand

The story involves a seyonce in which the woman who contacts spirits suddenly gets an unexpected visitor and is let out.

Two couples that were apart of the seyonce start hearing and experiencing strange things even seeing them happen. It is revealed that Richie dead fathers spirit may have a part to play and relies on the help of the woman seyoncer and her partner to stop the evil spirit.

The story is a slow burn and involves returning faces from Harley Wallens past films . Yan Birch character is a large piece of the puzzle in this story giving a cold tone of his character.

The story does give suspense as to where or what this entity needs in order to fulfill its desire such as Richies mother and his friends but also struggling with dealing with his father. There are no quick easy ways given to kill off evil like many super natural films give an incentive for, the lead characters wing it and hope their methods work against this evil being.

I felt there should of been more connections with the other couple that attended the seyonce and being able to prey on their weakness of character than a creepy girl entity just feasting on souls before the last confrontation. It does feel somewhat offset such as when two girls are effected by this entity that kills their parents and runs to the main couple in story for refuge considering these characters make no real connection on the situation at hand.

It is a worth of a sit through if you want subtlety in a super natural film. Very little special effects involved and adds more physcho logical feel to the main entity and those surrounding it.

This is good

If you like suspense, mystery, spooky and creepy mind games then I think you’ll enjoy this. I saw Ash & Bone and I guess I kind of expected something similar and I’d say the only things similar was quality camera work., good acting and story and the music was really good! I’m not a fan at how much horror has changed to gross and disturbing effects with ridiculous kill counts has become the trend and so much is now completely void of a coherent story, intrigue and characters you actually care about.. it’s a rare breeze of fresh air on what’s lately been a stagnant pond of horror. Pro-tip: I saw it on Redbox incase you want to see it “free” since it’s not free elsewhere.

You’re all going to die

Following a seance, a demon is unleashed. Richie Stann (Kris Reilly) and the group believe it is the spirit of his dad Carter Stann (Yan Birch) who he shot in the head when he was 12. Carter was choking his wife Sharon (Laurene Landon ) and not in a good way. The entity follows everyone in the group home and haunts them by messing up their kitchens. Sharon is in a mental hospital. Vesna (Aphrodite Nikolovski ) the medium calls Zeb (Harley Wallen) for help. Zeb believes it is the demon Agramon (Calhoun Koenig). He has a case of Nick Fury eye complete with the facial scratches. The group has a plan to kill the demon while the shape shifting demon has plans of its own.

The film had zero character introduction. You learned who they were on the fly and had no idea how these various people knew each other or why they wanted to play seance. Most of the acting was not convincing ranging from Kaiti Wallen at the low end to Laurene Landon who has been here before.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.