Vacation Home Nightmare (2023)


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When a woman is attacked in her short term rental, the company’s Clean-Up Team steps in to help her pick up the pieces. But she soon finds that they might not be who they say they are.

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Pretty bad movie!

Danielle Banks who’s divorced and her 2 gfs get away to a short-term rental complete with a pool, a nearby beach with cute guys and a lurker! Danielle hits it off with James who head back to her place for some make-out time. But little do they know, they are being watched by the lurker. James and Danielle plan to meet up the following day for a “non-date”. Unfortunately, James ends up getting killed when Danielle thinks he stood her up. When she heads back to the rental, she gets attacked by a hooded intruder. A detective shows up to get her statement as well as 2 rental brokers who want to offer the girls an upgrade for all the hassle and make them sign a contract agreeing to the terms and avoid any negative review posted about the rental but they refuse, leave, and are tracked but by who and why? You’ll have to watch this one but I would skip it. Not a very good movie with a weird plot!!! It’s usually hit or miss with Lifetime movies, anyhow.

The 3 Amigas

While it may not be a new version of “Charlie’s Angels,” this film offers a set of three dynamic women, who move into action against a psychopathic killer.

Danielle, Aleesha, and Hannah are the three feisty women who decide to rent a special house near the beach to “celebrate” the impending divorce of Danielle. Hannah is an attorney; Aleesha has boundless energy; and Danielle is looking for a fresh start after her husband Craig had been unfaithful.

The major flaw of the film was in the lack of imagination in conceiving the villain. After murdering Laura Winters, Anton took over the ownership of the property rented by the three amigas. He was able to eavesdrop on the women’s conversations through a hidden camera and recording device. It made no sense that his only motivation to kill Danielle was because she was divorcing her husband.

There was too much collateral damage in this unpleasant film. In addition to poor Laura Winters, the nice man whom Danielle met at the beach was killed, as well as the contrite husband Craig, who adored Danielle and wanted to make amends. Anton’s sidekick, Mike, also met an untimely end after he discovered Anton’s past transgressions and sought to warn Danielle.

There was some good location filming, especially the vacation rental house from hell. But the film only merits three stars, one for each of the vivacious amigas.


Newly divorced after her husband cheated , a young woman & her gal pals decide to take a mini vacation. A day on the beach brings her a potential love interest but there’s already someone that has taken interest & he has evil intentions.

Bad script. Bad acting. Uninteresting characters. Plot holes.


This is a smorgasbord of WTF-ness that makes one wonder how films like this get made.

The concept was fine but the delivery was uninspired and boring.

The best part of the film is the house. The rental house was beautiful.

I don’t usually like to hate on Lifetime movies but this one has left me with no other choice. Films like these are the reason Lifetime movies have got such a bad rap.