Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarliga Veda (2013)

25% – Critics
false% – Audience

Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarliga Veda Storyline

Of best friends Didem, Esra, and Zeynep, only Didem has stayed single. Esra is preparing to marry Mert, and Zeynep has already married Ergün. Didem tries many strategies on her boyfriend Cem that she read in a book called “The Way Goes to Marriage,” but none are successful.

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Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarliga Veda Movie Reviews

A fun movie

For a long time, I have been wanting to go to this movie. One week after the movie come out. I went to go see it. The main reason I went to go see the movie is because of the actors. Engin Altan Düzyatan, Sinem Kobal and Özge Ulusoy are acting in this movie. İn my opinion Engin AltanDüzyatan is a very handsome actor. Overall, the movie is pretty good. Some of the scenes looked too much like They were taken American movies. Each Anyway, I found Özge Ulusoy and Engin Altan Düzyatan frighting scenes very professional. And Sinem Kobal was so funny. The song by Ajda Pekkan at the end was wonderful. As a matter of fact This film is good enough for watch.

An insult to romantic comedies

This movie is an insult to romantic comedies, although the title might suggest otherwise. There is no romance in this movie, but a bunch of hormone-controlled main characters who mistake casual sex for romance. I would understand if it would stay in certain boundaries, but the producers just seem to deliberately push the concept of egomaniac, sexist and alcoholic people with no concept of life as being hip, young and successful. That those folk have no concept of emotional depth is not surprising, hence the romantic dimension of the characters was limited from the first minute on of this bad trash movie. Sorry dear director and writer, romance does not equal constant egoistic behavior, constant partying and drinking booze or chasing tail. Your characters are a bunch of losers who mistake debauchery for romance, as they mistake sexistic jokes for comedy. Or maybe you are? I do not remember a scene were the protagonist did NOT drink any non-alcoholic drinks. The main male character displayed an emotionless egomaniac with the emotional warmth of a fridge. This movie pushes the concept of a hedonistic lifestyle as being romantic, something no one needs in this time where movies with real emotion are lacking on the big screen. Definitely a wanna-be-movie with an agenda, but none to waste your time on since there is no entertainment value to be found here at all

This movie is neither romantic nor funny.

Even the name “Romantic Comedy”, this movie is neither romantic nor funny.