A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou (2023)


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A womb with a view, awkward adulthood, the not-so-golden years. Journeying through life’s stages with Jamie Demetriou in a musical sketch-comedy special.

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…it puts a “B” among the egg

Demetriou’s solo debut for Netflix is a mixed bag but so gloriously entertaining and rammed with star quality that I’ll happy hold it. The mixed bag, I mean. I’ll hold it until someone wants to pick it up. Did the central premise work? Not really. Did some of the sketches go on about 10% too long? Yes they did. Did I regularly release an audible hoot of such intense magnitude that my ceiling partially collapsed? Yes I did. Look at these names: you’ve got Silcox in there, the lesser-seen Jonny Sweet, the legendary Katy Wix. I could keep going. This is yes, admittedly, a mixed bag that I am still holding for some reason but I like doing it and I don’t intend to stop.

What happened?

Jamie Demetriou had me in stitches in the wonderful “Stath Lets Flats” but here he barely raised a few smiles amid periods of sheer unfunniness. Some of the ideas were potentially funny and just misfired, others didn’t seem to have much purpose at all, and, irritatingly, just once in a while something looked like it might really gel but usually didn’t. In other words, this was a big disappointment and I’m wondering why. Maybe it was the format, maybe it was the lack of a truly sympathetic supporting cast (in marked contrast the spot-on ensemble in “Stath”), maybe it was a result of trying to squeeze too many ideas into too short a time frame. Regardless, this is not the place to see the best of Demetriou.

If it makes me laugh out loud, it’s funny.

Other reviews seem like people upset it isn’t an hour long episode of Stath lets flats. It’s not that but it’s still really funny. Hilarious sketch concepts and musical parody moments. So clever and laugh out loud funny we didn’t want it to end! Loved seeing the Stath Let’s Flats actor pop up in lots of scenes too. Particularly loved the first millennial sketch – Jamie’s writing is seriously clever and makes the every day funny. We missed watching Stath Let’s Flats as binged it so quickly so was happy to see this special pop up on Netflix and hope he gets to do more. His characters are always brilliant.