White Reindeer (2013)

100% – Critics
57% – Audience

White Reindeer Storyline

After an unexpected tragedy, Suzanne struggles to put her life back together during a sad, strange Christmastime in suburban Virginia.

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White Reindeer Movie Reviews

A Gem of a Dark Comedy

The obscene and mundane nature of this film will throw some people off, but dark comedies aren’t suppose to avoid disturbances, drabness, or oddity. The Director, Zach Clark, manages to convey great emotion in everyday occurrences, sometimes without dialogue, which is quite a feat. He does it in a different type of Christmas movie that is centered around a tragedy, but which has a humorous touch that keeps it entertaining, and that conveys ideas with a real heart. Though Anna Margaret Hollyman isn’t well-known, she does a great job anchoring the film as a character who desperately wants it to feel like Christmas despite being overcome with grief. If you enjoy dark humor and don’t need a movie to lecture you, or be overly puritanical, I highly recommend White Reindeer. It is a low-budget classic.

Great acting, interesting story

I have given a spoiler alert as a safety measure because just about anything about the story in this movie will be a kind of spoiler.

First of all, although this is listed as a comedy, it is not. It is a drama, thoughtful and measured and at times sad, with a few funny moments.

At the heart of the movie is Anna Margaret Hollyman as Suzanne Barrington, a woman living a low key but happy life, and whose life is completely turned around by a terrible event a month from Christmas. Hollyman is amazing in this role as she barely reacts to all manner of strange situations and actually delivers a great deal in the process. I thought she was absolutely sensational, and I will definitely be seeking out her other movies.

All the cast is good, the story – while maybe a bit improbable – is engrossing and the whole production punches well above it’s indie weight.

Zack Clark has written and directed a great “little” movie here, and I hope he continues in the same vein. And watch out for Anna Margaret Hollyman, she has massive star potential.

This story just happens to take place during the Christmas season ! !

This story just happens to take place during the Christmas season ! ! It is not a Christmas story for family viewing during the holidays – and thank ‘Gawd’ for that. Forget the reviews that can’t seem to grasp this important element of the plot.

This is a story that makes a wonderful statement about how Christmas is seen as all happiness and bright lights and celebration. Christmas is something we do – nobody lives the message. People still live their public and private life. People are seldom what they seem to be and that is the story of this film. It is all about Suzanne Barrington’s journey in learning this lesson.

Suzanne is innocent. She thinks all is well with her marriage and her husband is the wonderful man he is when with her. After the “tragedy” Suzanne discovers all is not happiness and bright lights with her husband. And since she loved him she goes on a journey into his secret life to try to understand the man she was married to. How could he be all sweetness and surprises when with her yet at the same time have a stripper pole dancer drug user as his mistress. The only way Suzanne can gain insight into her husband’s mind is to go live his secret life. This she cannot do because she is not him!

Suzanne also learns another truth about her sweet as sugar neighbors, and tries to fit in but she cannot! This story is all Suzanne’s journey into trying to find her place in life after too many ugly truths fall upon her at a time of year when beauty and hope and false illusion surround all of us.

This is fine cinema and fine acting by all ! !