Sweeter Than Chocolate (2023)

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Carrying on the legacy of her deceased Belgian paternal grandfather, Lucy Sweet is the master chocolatier at How Sweet It Is in the Midwestern town of Watson Corners, the store which she owns and operates with her widowed mother, Helen Sweet. In this new year, they are facing a massive rent increase, which they can only cover by increased business in what is their busy season in the lead up to Valentine’s Day or risk closing altogether. In the unwitting help of Lucy’s best friend Serena and their new employee Georgie, whose social media posts are increasing the shop’s exposure, Lucy and Helen believe the way out of their financial predicament is the chocolate cupid, a confection which was originally only given/sold to friends and family in the legend that eating it will lead to true love for those whose hearts are open to it. Lucy had long created a wall in the shop featuring the many couples who attest to their love happening after eating the cupid, one being Helen herself and her now deceased husband, Scott Sweet. Helping or hindering that exposure is the arrival of reporter Dean Chase of Channel 55 News, who was given the assignment of covering the legend of chocolate cupid by the station’s news director, Nora Nguyen. The issue with Dean is that he is renowned for his no holds barred exposés, he only given this assignment by Nora to help him show the network brass that he’s not a one trick pony in being considered for a job he really wants as a news anchor for their Chicago affiliate’s morning show. Dean’s initial inclination is to call out the fraud that is the cupid in he truly believing it to be such, he changing his tune if only in the goal of the promotion. All this added exposure does the trick of the needed increased revenue, with the question being whether Dean is converted as he and Lucy spend time together and start to fall for each other. This item may be tested as Nora wants this extended assignment to culminate on Valentine’s Day with Dean eating a cupid on camera, a long term arrangement with Lucy which may be incompatible with his professional end goal of a job in New York City. It may also test Lucy’s commitment as she admits to never have eaten a cupid herself not so much in fearing love, but what comes after love, namely pain and heartbreak as witnessed by the extreme grief experienced by Helen when Scott died.—Huggo

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Sweeter Than Chocolate Movie Reviews

Over 30 here…

What’s with the 2 jabs on milk chocolate? I guess it’s the elitist view that somehow dark chocolate is better & everyone over 30 knows this. Dark chocolate is more prone to a dry, chalky texture & and a bitter aftertaste. It might have more antioxidants but it’s not better tasting.

Another unrealistic relationship where the guy gives up his dream of being the next Peter Jennings, nice addition of a Canadian there, to stay in a small town with his new love interest. This has been done multiple times, mostly with a woman giving up her career for love.

I think they should at least make the stories realistic, they are constantly pushing fantasies, like the Prince with the commoner. The only Prince dumb enough to do this is Prince Harry & he’s going to regret it big time in the future.

Sweet and loving

I know some people are going to downgrade this film because it features more variety of diversity, ethnicity, and gay/lesbian romance than they might be comfortable with… but Hallmark has made a commitment to produce more realistic films that portray people as they are and not just as some hope or dream they might be. This movie was well-written and conceived in such a way to show all kinds of people falling in love because of a Valentine’s Day encounter with a special Cupid chocolate in a private chocolatier’s store – and there were so many couples who got interviewed for their stories due to the skeptical reporter’s assignment to flesh out this “urban myth” (instead of his usual job of exposing fakes who take people’s money.) The concept and the delightful stories from these couples led to a beautiful romance in the final scene. Of course, it’s fantasy and storytelling and magic – and a joy to watch if you have an open mind and a desire to be entertained.

Business owner so stupid and moronic it’s unbelievable

I tried to watch this (okay, I didn’t try very hard).

But in the first minute, the lead character reads a letter that says her rent is increasing 62% every month. “That should be illegal!” she exclaims.

This means she would be going from paying let’s say $2,000 in January and then by April she’s paying $8,500 and then $13,775 in May.

If we are to believe the writers that this character received this letter, then that means 1 of 2 things about this character is true: 1 – the letter doesn’t actually say that and it’s probably an annual lease with a 62% increase. That means she’s a moron who doesn’t know how to read who doesn’t know how math works and there’s no way she should be running her own business.

OR 2 – the letter does say that. Which means it is illegal. I don’t care what fictional town you live in, but any legal group would want to know and she needs to talk to a lawyer and talk to the mayor of the fictional town and fight that absolutely insane unbelievable rent increase. Instead she just accepts it and needs to find a way to keep her business open which again means that she is a moron and should absolutely not be in charge of her own business.

I am so mad when movies try to throw absolutely stupid moronic characters at us, try to tell us they can run a successful business, and expect us to just sit there and take it. And why is the unbelievably stupid moronic business owner always a woman?