Me Him Her (2015)

50% – Critics
47% – Audience

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Brendan Ehrlick, star of TV’s popular cop series “Hard Justice,” would like to come out of the closet to his parents. His first step? Come out to his best friend Cory in Florida and solicit his help. Cory already knows he’s gay but comes to L.A. anyway, where his actions, rather than help Brendan, put him in awkward, possibly career-threatening situations. As corporate managers advise Brendan to remain uninformative in dealing with paparazzi, Cory ventures off into a one-night-stand with Emily, a lesbian on the rebound from a toxic relationship. He falls for her, but being with him confuses her life-long lesbian identity. Her struggles with this prompt Cory towards suddenly becoming a better friend to Brendan, leading to an immediate abduction followed by a violent, sword-wielding confrontation at the “Hard Justice” cast party.—statmanjeff

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Me Him Her Movie Reviews


Sappy, artificial drama that’ll make you squirm in your seat out of sheer discomfort. Max Landis lacks restraint when it comes to comedy, beating a joke over the audience with wild abandon. There are some genuinely funny moments (like Haley Joel Osment’s cameo, and…), but they don’t make up for petty, inconsequential drama. The characters almost seem to be a modern take on 90’s sitcom caricatures; they overreact to everything–to which it seems we’re suppose to find amusing…but it isn’t–and they are as self-absorbed as humanly possible. With three unlikable leads and a jarring sense of humor… Me Him Her really could of used more of Haley Joel Osment and Scott Bakula.

Gets Lost Along The Way

Ultimately disappointing treatment of celebrity trying to come out as gay to family and public. It gets so lost along the way but manages to treat some issues like the obligations of friendship and the pain of relationship endings. But it does present a loving lesbian couple as a positive and even Cory is ultimately a realistic portrayal of a douchebag. And it has a LOT to say about LA! Dustin Mulligan and Emily Mead do great jobs playing their unlikeable characters. But unfortunately the issue of a gay actor coming out gets quietly lost amongst it all. (Stay until end credits finish though!)

Like a bad ‘Chasing Amy’

Max Landis clearly had an idea that is presented well at some moments but completely missed at others. While it’s far from bad, it’s also just as far from good. The performances are spot on, Haley Osment feels like Michael Cera in ‘This Is The End’. The general plot does give a borderline ‘Chasing Amy’ feel, but Max does manage to bring a much more surreal and intimate take on it. As I said, this works well in some scenes more than others. Not a perfect film, but exactly what I was expecting from such a creative and surreal writer. The indie atmosphere is certainly an acquired taste, but if you have a certain appreciation for the film industry, then you won’t feel like you’re wasting time watching this film.