Three Dates to Forever (2023)

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Maddie Mckenzie is a hard-working presenter whose drive and talent has made her a popular radio host. John Reed is a carefree tech entrepreneur who’s more interested in hosting parties. The two couldn’t be more different… but when John’s new dating app pairs them together live on Maddie’s show, sparks start to fly and love is about to go on the air.

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Three Dates to Forever – more than three reasons to watch

Three Dates to Forever is a fun & light-hearted romantic comedy. Chelsea Gilson is delightful and perfectly cast as the skeptical radio host Maddie Mackenzi who is pressured by her radio audience into proving the dating app ‘Triple Date’ is a con. Adam Huss is just right as the aloof and very laid-back Triple Date CEO, John Reed, who must secure financing to keep his product launch on track. Together they agree to test the app’s success in finding their perfect mates in ‘three dates or less’. Jack Pearson is very likeable as Kevin, Maddie’s first mystery date. Jessica Gillespie does a nice job as Maddie’s bubbly radio producer. Overall: this movie feels fresh and is very amusing. Is the movie predictable? Of course. Does that ruin the move? Of course not. This is exactly what we tune in for. This movie is worth your time and a bowl of popcorn.

Too safe and predictable

Another day and another barely passable Reel One Entertainment TV movie. I don’t know why, but for 2023 season, Reel One and their co-producing partners just hyper produce TV movies. That means they hire for lead roles basically anybody, and obviously writing and directing have to suffer, too. The good news, this movie doesn’t suffer from obvious technical issues – only few minor lightning issues, but other than that… I’m honestly positively shocked as this is The Asylum co-produced movie.

This movie doesn’t have anything badly done which would drag it to the unwatchable / skip category. For example I never watched Chelsea Gilson and Adam Huss, and I would say they were all right.

Unfortunately, on the flip side, the writing is weak – it’s predictable, too safe (how many times we have to watch about revolutionary relationship app?), obligatory food tropes, and above all, I simply didn’t buy romance between Maddie and John (opposites attract trope).

In the end of day, it’s not a bad movie, but Reel One has (much) better TV movies in their catalog – watch if you have nothing else, and to kill some free time.

And don’t watch trailer if you plan to watch movie as this is ROE’s one and it shows everything.

We enjoyed it.

Three Dates to Forever is a fun movie with a little twist on the “boy meets girl” movie.

The story line moves along at a good pace, keeping the viewer interested throughout.

It’s impossible not to like the lead actress, Chelsea Gilson. She has a warm spirit and a smile that draws you to her. She played her role as the radio host well. Totally believable.

The main actor, Adam Huss, is a good choice for the genius tech geek that hasn’t been able to find the right girl. But it’s his sincere desire to help others find happiness that makes us like him so much.

Jack Pearson, plays Kevin, the incredibly loveable love interest. We were rooting for him the whole time. He came across as such a sweet guy.

Jessica Gillespie was also very likeable in her role and cute as can be in those red glasses! She and Chelsea made a cute team.

This is a cute film that pulls you in right at the start. We love family friendly movies and have recommended this one to several friends.