Temptation (2023)

38% – Audience

Temptation Storyline

A young female journalist gets a chance to follow a famous football star for three days to write an article about him, as her first assignment. What seems at first like a lavish, luxurious lifestyle turns into a dangerous situation.

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Temptation Movie Reviews

Not a masterpiece but it’s ok!

Don’t get why the rating is so low – like really what were you expecting that you feel it is that low?

It’s not a memorable one, not terrible either, i can really see a lot of movies that were simply dissapointing and this wan’t one of them

Good cinematography, not boring, good nudity scenes There is even a plot line that wasn’t exposed in trailer – that is worth a lot nowadays, haha.

At the same time, yes, plot sometimes is not logical or too cheesy but hey this a movie that is out close to Valentines day – it simply shouldn’t be a “Shawshank redemption”

In my honest opinion it is definitely a good 6 out of 10, doesn’t feel like I wasted time or walked out dissapointed.