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“The Nicest Man in Stand-Up” is back with a comedy special filmed at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, AZ.

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My face hurts from smiling for an hour

Nate Bargatze doesn’t yell, shout, or curse – AND, here’s something novel: He’s actually funny! And SMART about it too!

In the past several month’s I have gone through “comics” like cheap toilet paper – tearing them up and tossing them out when they don’t work. I will give a comic 5 – 10 minutes to make me smile or laugh out loud – and if they are not funny to me, I stop watching. My time is too important to waste on people who think that by talking LOUDLY or degrading others for what they call humor, that we are going to buy it.

He respects his fans – that’s refreshing (’cause I am one).

What is funny as hell, I mean heck, is that his zip code is 37138. Now THAT is funny!

Keep up the great work, Nate!!! We appreciate you!


Aside from the fact that good clean comedy is a rarity these days, Nate’s mind for telling a story in the funniest way possible such a gift. This special was so refreshing! The way he can make fun of his family and himself and have you come out loving all of them is so great. There were so many great bits in this, from birth order jokes to attempting to play golf with your wife to…bald eagles touching your head (I mean, who makes a joke about that, lol)…Hello World is just the relief from the everyday stress of life that we all need. Okay, no they did not pay me to write this. I’m just excited for everyone else to experience it too. If you’re not already on Prime Video, go start a free 30-day trial and check it out. Okay, no, Amazon didn’t pay me to write this either, I swear.

My wife and I laughed and laughed

I had never heard of Nate Bargatze until 2020. I am so glad my wife found clips of him on YouTube and then we found his specials on Netflix. When we heard he was dropping a new special on Amazon Prime, we both got so excited. Nate is extremely talented and is fun for the whole family. Not many stand up comedians can be for the whole family but Nate definitely is. The only negative I would put for this stand up is we wanted more than an hour. If you are reading this and have never seen Nate Bargatze, give him a chance and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Also check out his nateland podcast.