Candid About Love (2023)

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Laura, a gallery assistant and wannabe fine art photographer, is finally promised a spot in a Newcomer’s Showcase – but only if she can get a reclusive artist, Shane, to premiere his newest photographs at the gallery.

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So many editing mistakes.

Was not that bad a movie, but I had more enjoyment picking the editing mistakes during the show.. Lets see how many you find… I will give you one to start the ball rolling…1:20 into the movie, approaching front door of gallery. The sign is on the outside of the door and is NOT mounted properly…..1:23 into the movie and the gallery sign is now on the inside of the door….4:23 the sign on the outside of the door in now mounted properly.and at 4:25 the sign on the inside of the door is now gone…. now,… see how many you can find and let me know if you find more than 27…that is how many I found…. have fun.


Another day and another boring Reel One Entertainment TV movie. I would say that movie is technically mostly all right, but it was immersion killed by stupid background synth pop music. Just to be clear, not whole movie was ruined by it, but parts. I don’t understand why ROE started to push it in 2023 season. What is going on with their signature tracks? And if you ask me what are they signature tracks – probably the best example is “Sweet as Pie” movie were I think is probably every single one of them, and they actually lifted movie from mediocrity at least for me. This is actually one thing I like about ROE – their signature tracks are way better than Hallmark one, their main competitor.

The main issue with the movie is the miscast main lead Alexia Fast. With some script changes and Marlie Collins as the lead, movie could be at least passable. The good news is that I see that Marlie Collins is finally a lead not in one, but two upcoming ROE TV movies. The first big issue with Alexia Fast is her high pitched voice so she sounds like a child. It’s really annoying, but it gets worse because her character Laura is non-relatable because how obnoxious (my way or highway) she is. But maybe that was a master plan by producers – Laura is obnoxious and her voice just amplify it. Okay, I’ll bait, and say it is indeed great plan but here is the problem – how to root for Shane when he’s not himself mostly, and Stacy and Jenson have limited on screen time, and they are supporting cast anyway? So basically you watch a movie, you don’t care for leads because they are not relatable, there is no chemistry between them obviously and you just get bored especially because again there is modern art.

To save yourself a misery watch a trailer because it’s ROE so you’ll see most of the movie compressed in just 2:23 minutes.