Vincent Must Die (2023)

93% – Critics

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While uneven with it’s themes, great premise and lead performance holds the movie well

I really loved the first the 50 minutes of this movie as filmmaker Stéphan Castang provides an interesting premise that includes some interesting satirical, comedic, and apocalypse themes within the narrative. Unfortunately, the movie does overstays its welcome a bit.

Throughout, the narrative offers some funny and weird concepts that are interesting and outrageous. I appreciate the direction, the tone and good performance from the main lead actor. However, the issue is that the narrative doesn’t live up with it’s premise as after the 50 minute mark, the themes and tone feels lost with some unnecessary subplots and ideas that never took full advantage of it’s creative setting. Regarding the pacing, structure, and style, the movie has a solid atmosphere and never once was I bored observing the movie.

I do wish the writing could be stronger but as a whole, it was an decent movie that I appreciated.


No pun intended – so the director seems to think that it is a miracle we are not at each others throats all the time – I would not like to have him working as a psychiatrist .. that’s for sure. But maybe he is on to something. Maybe conflict is within us … can we evolve past it one day? Who knows? Evolution usually takes time.

That all said, the movie is quite obviously is showing an ugly side in society and humans overall. Where victims get blamed … and have to endure consequences instead of the other way around. It starts more on the comedy side .. but gets quite serious towards the end. Still a lot of (dark) jokes on the way to that … well “conclusion”.

A lot of genres mixed up in this one – you’ll either like that or don’t … hopefully you do.