Founders Day (2023)

  • Year: 2023
  • Released: 19 Jan 2024
  • Country: United States
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  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: R
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror, Mystery
  • Runtime: 106 min
  • Writer: Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist
  • Director: Erik Bloomquist
  • Cast: Naomi Grace, Devin Druid, William Russ
  • Keywords: high school, small town, politics, satire, fall, serial killer,
46% – Critics
false% – Audience

Founders Day Storyline

In this satirical political slasher, a small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election. As accusations fly and the threat of a masked killer darkens every street corner, the residents must race to uncover the truth before fear consumes the town.

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Founders Day Movie Reviews

A wholly underwhelming and barely worthwhile genre effort

After a series of strange attacks, residents of a small town on the verge of a heated mayoral election are thrust into a deadly race to stop the maniac responsible for the actions as the sides of the debate turn into a sideshow trying to be the main culprit to follow through the whole affair.

There’s very little to this one that’s worthwhile. Among the few positives to be had here is the potential setup to be had with the relationships between the culprits in the middle of the election. The idea of the various characters enjoying a clandestine romance and trying to follow through with their plans to be together while the figure goes around knocking people off trying to incite a slew of high-intensity clashes between the two different factors in the political sphere that keep growing throughout the film. This is enhanced by the various attack scenes where an impressive mask and costume to hide their identity springs into action with a nice collection of ambushes involving a brutal death manner for its scenes that are pretty much the only positives to be had here. There are plenty of issues to be had here that are massive detriments to this one. The main factor is the utterly asinine storyline that tries to take the political leanings of its setup but is grossly mishandled. Trying to set up the warring factors of the debate as caricatures of the political spectrum who are more concerned with their standings in the days leading up to their election makes everyone out to be immensely unsympathetic due to the unrealistic nature of this behavior. It comes off as incredibly forced trying to make sure that they’re grandstanding is seen as the key to their election rather than trying to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding them as it leads to several ill-timed points trying to keep this going. As well, there are plenty of issues to be had with the inability to properly work as a slasher film. The majority of the kills here are immensely brutal and gruesome in concept but the execution is grossly lacking, being shot so haphazardly that it’s impossible to tell what’s going on or just taking place off-screen to the point that it’s impossible not to get any enjoyment out of these scenes. Since the kills are done with an impressive weapon and design, the inability to focus on this factor makes for a disappointing time here since the lack of focus on the kills is a factor that could’ve saved this one but due to the general lack of focus, it makes for a highly uninvolved time. The other factor here, which also ties into the lack of slashing, is the wholly disjointed and petty reasoning for the motivation behind everything. Due to the revelations made at this point, the idea of instigating the rampage as a way of getting revenge on the unscrupulous ex to get back at them for cheating on them is a backward plan much like the idea of killing off the friend for trying to better their lives without them. The means do not justify the results here, offering up tons of plot holes throughout this plan that get revealed along the way to put such a plot into motion, and with the whole affair being wrapped up in an ugly production scale, unlikable characters that we’re supposed to follow, and way too long a running time there’s a lot to bring this down.

Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

Scream + The Purge + Thanksgiving = A Flop

As someone who loves both politics and horror, this film should have been a slam dunk for me. However, the over the top acting, confusing plot, and the not so subtle message about politics that everyone who pays any ounce of attention to current events is already aware of made it a dud for me.

The movie definitely drew inspiration from Scream, even going as far as casting a Dewey lookalike for their cop character. And while slashers are at their best when they don’t take themselves too seriously, there still should be some tension. This movie was all about leaning into the funny, to the detriment of maintaining any sense of doom. Every scene leading up to a kill was so overloaded with dramatic looks or dialogue that you couldn’t help but laugh. Oh and if you’re expecting jump scares – forget about it.

Even that could have been perhaps forgiven if the plot would have made more sense. But honestly, I’m still not sure what all happened. There was too much going on.

To be honest, I think this film could have left off the graphic kills, as they were poorly executed and instead leaned into a pg-13 rating, tightened up the script to make it make a little more sense and add more tension, and played around more with the highschool caricature characters, and it would have been tremendously better. A silly slasher geared towards teens might have been better. But alas, I’m not sure the political message would have hit as hard with that audience.


I’m still trying to figure out the timeline of events and motives of all of the different killers involved in the movie. Melissa wanted to kill Allison because of her dad? Why was Deputy Miller involved? Did he want to kill the commissioner? Why did he kill Britt and Tyler then? Or did Adam kill them? And why go through all this trouble to get rid of the mayoral candidates when Mr. Jackson seemed so well loved that all he would have had to do was run for mayor himself and he probably would have gotten elected.

I also do so hate when a movie hits me over the head with a message. I get it, I get it. Both sides suck.

This movie, in the end, just tried to do way too much. Oh Scream did three killers? We will DOUBLE THAT. Oh people like the Purge? Let’s sprinkle that in here too. It seems like they did things just for the sake of doing them. Ultimately, not a well done film, in my opinion.