Kendra Cunningham: Meatball Therapy (2022)

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Boston’s own bold and brash Kendra Cunningham is back to share her personal accounts of growing up with deceptively sophisticated parents, her awkward promiscuity in the dating scene, and her unexpected commonalities with a female baboon.

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Not my type of comedy…

Prior to sitting down here in 2023 and watching the 2022 stand-up comedy show “Kendra Cunningham: Meatball Therapy”, I had never even heard about Kendra Cunningham. I happened to stumble upon the show by random luck, and I opted to sit down and see what she had to offer of jokes and laughs.

Turns out that Kendra Cunningham’s style of comedy fell short of matching my sense of humor. I didn’t laugh a single time throughout the 58 minutes that she stood on the stage and talked about her life. There wasn’t much of any funny material in the contents, and there weren’t much of any punchlines. It was essentially just Kendra Cunningham dishing out about her life.

It should be said that it felt like she was comfortable on the stage and in the spot light, and the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves in her presence. The audience had some laughs at least.

I found out that this wasn’t compatible with my sense of humor, and thus I found little enjoyment in the 2022 stand-up comedy show “Kendra Cunningham: Meatball Therapy”.

My rating of “Kendra Cunningham: Meatball Therapy” lands on a generous four out of ten stars.