Mantervention (2014)

  • Year: 2014
  • Released: 01 Aug 2014
  • Country: United States
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  • Rotten Tomatoes:
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Writer: Juan Gallego
  • Director: Stuart Acher
  • Cast: Travis Van Winkle, Chloe Bridges, Deep Roy
  • Keywords: male friendship, beach house, debauchery, sex comedy, hopeless romantic,
67% – Critics
67% – Audience

Mantervention Storyline

Spencer is a self-described hopeless romantic. He is heart broken to the extent that he has even quit training as a MMA fighter, something he is good at. His best friend plans an intervention and takes him to his families beach house in the hope that it will help Spencer get over his heartbreak by meeting other girls.—ColiD

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Mantervention Movie Reviews

Expected More

When I was start watching this movie I thought it would be hilarious or at the very least it will be severely funny. But I guess I set the bar too high, that is why I could not enjoy that much.

All in all it is an average movie. It is a romantic comedy movie. Though there was not much connection between comedy and romance part. It would have been better if in the story both comedy and romance developed simultaneously.

The last thing needs to be mentioned is the acting. None of the actor or actresses acting looks very convincing. If the could give the right expression in right time in a right way then the movie would have been a bit more enjoyable.

So if you have spare time to waste, then you can watch it; although it does not worth the time that you will spend watching it.


It’s very sexual for a teen comedy and there is nudity. I found it too predictable and boring at times, the acting wasn’t that good but at times it was okay, most of the time the actors and actresses, acting wasn’t very convincing and that was what put me off a little bit and I think that there was room for more character development as I thought It was lacking in the part, I liked that there was a little bit of lgbt

I found this movie funny and it made me smile a few times, I like the music that was used I feel like it went well with the scenes. I was happy because Max Carver was in it, and he was the Lifeguard called Joe. The last thing I watched with him in is teen wolf, I haven’t watch many of the movie he has been in but now I want to.

Teen Comedy

It’s pretty sexual for a teen comedy and there is nudity. Be warned or at least aware of that fact. But it’s still a comedy and it’s pretty neat, even if it never reaches heights of other great teen comedies (one of the most recent would be American Pie). It has a couple of bumps and hurdles on the road (no pun intended), like the acting not always being top level, but it manages.

So if you’re expectations are not too high, you will probably not be disappointed. The movie tries to keep it as real as possible, though has the morality aspect to it, which makes the story even more predictable to a point