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I’ve never seen such a poorly shot comedy movie before.

I love watching Hasan Can Kaya’s stand-up videos. He is a very successful server. But he is inexperienced in acting. Not only Hasan, Bushra looks very aesthetic and her speech is extremely rude, like moron. He responds rudely in the scene where he could have responded in a more polite and humorous way. I was expecting a lot of positive energy from the movie, but I always got negative energy. The scenes are very short and pass quickly. So the scene of taking Hasan to the military is very short. Hasan’s conversation with Bushra should have been added to that scene, or it could have been a farewell to his family. I didn’t like the movie.

I’ve never watched a romantic comedy this bad for longest time.

Since the movie has now started streaming in Netflix, we decided on watching it as we enjoy the talk show, Hasan Can Kaya is doing, we thought the comedy sense of the movie would be good, oh boy, was I wrong. The actings are really off to be a good romantic comedy, I know this is his first movie and he’s even taking part on the producing.

But that’s really awful, I mean I didn’t enjoy even a little bit of the movie I think, the best part was unsurprisingly the intimate scenes lol

Yet again, I found the story to be quite blank as well, there have been better romantical comedies in Turkey, and I know that they can do better.

Wouldn’t really recommend watching it unless you have really extra time on your life.

Cok ask movie

Hello. I watched the movie. (It was difficult) Hasan Can Kaya is a very good presenter and a smart person. But he is incapable of acting in movies.

I think everyone should do their main job. The baker should sell bread, the farmer should plant his field. Being a famous presenter does not mean that you can be a good movie actor.

We met Hasan Can Kaya while doing a stand-up show on a paid internet platform. Also, Busra is not as natural as she used to be in Beijing. She has an artificial beauty. This is because she has had excessive plastic surgery.

I think it’s amateurish to switch from the world of comedy to cinema. Actually, Hasan Can Kaya seemed quite smart. (!)

This movie is not good. If you are expecting an objective comment; Hasan Can Kaya should not act in a movie again.