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The Ingredients of A Beautiful Christmas Storm.

A wonderful tale of dreams, family, traditions, and the power of love at that most special time of the year. Ansley Gordon exudes warmth, joy and beauty whenever she is on the screen and Chris Connell likewise is charming, endearing, and almost achingly handsome. He’s got some self-assurance that borders on arrogance, but the few minutes of an open shirt displaying a dark hairy chest with a matching trail swirling from his navel to his jeans, helped me forget the issues with continuity, abrupt editing, etc;. The character Rita Bird is absolutely an unforgettable riot! Brash, loud, and opinionated, she seems to be attempting to steamroll her way through lives of every business owner in town. A rough jewel of a movie with a heart of some of the best ingredients for love.


Another reviewer (that I agreed with) asked what is going on at Hallmark ? I would ask the same. The quality of acting, storyline and scripting has been really dire in their recent offerings. Since lockdown actually – is their a connection ? The stories are lame with just a lot of piano playing background noise. This particular one has a storyline all over the place, and the acting was amateurish. I know actors need to get ecperience, but please bring back some of the old stalwarts who made Hallmark a joy to watch. Huge gaps in conversation were filled with a lot of ridiculous false laughing. The woman playing the part of the OTT potential buyer needs to go back to drama school.

No, this was a definite Christmas turkey.

both stars are for the blonde realtor lady

I don’t know what I just watched. I’m positive the two leads didn’t have any sort of chemistry test before they were cast. The male lead looks like a guy who you’d keep your drink covered around at a bar. Throughout the “film”, I kept checking to make sure I wasn’t accidentally watching at 0.75x speed. At about the halfway mark, despite being by myself, I said “wait, is this Mormon?” out loud because that’s the only thing that would make any sense. The two best things about this “movie”: 1) the completely OTT realtor (? Is that what she was?) who alludes to her lactose-induced flatulence with a guy she just met at a coffee shop, and; 2) the aunt and uncle who I’m positive slammed back at least 3 shots of tequila a few minutes prior to filming each of their scenes. I genuinely laughed out loud multiple times because it felt like I was having a waking stress dream. The fact that multiple people watched this and went “yep! Looks good! Print!” is just amazing. The cherry on top was that this contains what is definitely the #1 most awkward, stiffest, driest kiss in the history of Hallmark movies.