Nazar Andaaz (2022)

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One Of The Best Movie I Have Ever Seen

Best movie of the decade…what a performance by all three casts. Sudhirbhai’s character is outstanding in acting, expressions and emotions.

The superb storyline, screenplay and perfect directions. Nothing less nor more, everything is perfect ? Kumud Mishra must be acknowledged by the award for his excellent performance. Anupam Kher or any other actors who believe that they are legends; should watch this movie to learn some great acting and performance from Kumud Mishra. Hats off to legend Kumud Mishra.

Such a Great Movie Kudos to Debut director Vikrant Deshmukh complimented with an awesome performance by Kumud Deshmukh , he was so much into the character , Hats Off to Him. Abhishek is equally entertaining ,The movie is heart felt , warm and so many moments which capyures different emotions , especially the one where it portarays the Mother “Maa” was awesome , “Maa Sukoon hoti he !!” , lot of hidden message in the movie with positivity, this is a movie with no non sense and worth watching many times. Simply Awesome…. Thanks Vikrant and Kumud …


What is a good movie suppose to do?

A good movie is suppose to inspire you, bring up emotions that you never thought you had, make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, make you feel, leave an impression that stays with you even after the end credits role.. and this movie does all of that!

What a beautiful movie!

Kumud Mishra is brilliant and other hold their part well. The scene and the chemistry between Kumud Mishra and Rajeshwari Sachdev is heart warming.

In a time where a family movies are full of vulgarity and sexual obsession, here comes a movie that is truly a family movie in all sense.

Had this movie had a A list cast, the movie lovers would have been raving about this flick.

It’s a great watch!

Wonder story and amazing acting

Beautiful movie with a message, story and amazing acting. Kumud Mishra, Divya Dutta and Abhishek Banerjee have proved it once again how talented they are. You will definitely smile, cry and thank god for this wonderful gift of life.

You will not regret watching this movie. The overall music in this movie is also good and sinks you in the scene.

Hats-off to the director, writer and team for making this masterpiece. The locations shown in the movie are not very fancy and looks realistic.

Beautiful and un-predictable climax, which gives a strong message to everyone to do something for our society. I thank the team of Nazar Andaaz and wish them all the best.