Operation Valentine (2024)

71% – Critics
71% – Audience

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Operation Valentine Movie Reviews

Lame Monotonous Concept

The plot meandered aimlessly, relying on tired tropes and predictable plot points. The opening scene, while attempting to be explosive, felt rushed and lacked the necessary punch to set the stage for a thrilling adventure. Attempts at humour landed flat, and the supposed emotional moments felt unearned. The “big reveal” near the end felt like a desperate attempt to inject some excitement into a narrative that had long lost its momentum. The cardboard-cutout characters felt like rejects from a discount romantic comedy bin. Come on guys, we all know the tea was fantastic. Can we please stop making propaganda movies with low budget VFX? The concept is getting old and monotonous.

Good Movie – Must experience it in Theatres

This movie is awesome. I like the graphics, music and story. This story is mainly based on surgical strikes. If you have patriotism you will definetly like the movie. They show how much skilled is our airforce. I basically loved this movie. It is feel good movie based on real story. How indian airforce works, if you like movies gujjan saxena you will definetly love and enjoy Operation Valentine movie. I love the way manushi chillar acted in this movie and also varun tej did good work with this movie. I liked idea of operation vajra wonderful thought by our airforce very appreciable. I liked comedy in this movie between varun tej (arjun dev) and his sub ordinate. You should definetly expirience this movie in theatres because of graphics. I hope kids also will love it.