You’ll Never Find Me (2023)

89% – Critics
91% – Audience

You’ll Never Find Me Storyline

Patrick, a strange and lonely resident, lives in a mobile home at the back of an isolated caravan park. After a violent thunderstorm erupts, a mysterious young woman appears at his door, seeking shelter from the weather. The longer the night wears on and the more the young woman discovers about Patrick, the more difficult she finds it to leave. Soon she begins to question Patrick’s intentions, while Patrick begins to question his own grip on reality.—Indianna Bell

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You’ll Never Find Me Movie Reviews

Brilliant, intelligent, engaging

To this day as a lover of cinema I fail to understand why thriller/horror is usually excluded from ‘serious’ appreciation and substantial recognition from those who judge.

Want to get swallowed by intense, provocative, interesting characters, original script, gorgeous cinematography, driving sound and you’ll never find me.

Well you’ve been found.

I love to think fresh minds and talent come together seamlessly to help the viewer go deeper into our fears and trust, when seeking safety; shaped by past experience.

A dark, emotional experience that really requires you to think, try to understand, makes choices and ask yourself, have you found yourself.

Great setting and a mystery that will captivate you

Short review: Oh yes, this was exactly the kind of film I was looking for. On a dark and extremely stormy night at the back of a trailer park our story takes place. First of all, what a terrific setting for a horror movie. From there we meet our two main characters, both shrouded in mystery. And we get the pleasure of spending the next 90 minutes trying to workout their motives and backstory. This film was a blast.

The dialogue has to be good in a movie like. It’s that simple. If it isn’t, the film will fall flat on its face and will become like watching paint dry. Luckily, the film has extremely well crafted and interesting dialogue that carries the movie through.

Probably the only let down for me was the ending. It wasn’t a bad ending, it just perhaps wasn’t the ending I wanted. Otherwise though I had a great time with this movie and will happily add it to my list of great Australian horror films. 9/10.

Little Australian gem

Once again, a glorious reminder that in order to be impactful, horror movies don’t need a big budget. “You’ll Never Find Me” effortlessly proves this point, delivering a very tense and impactful experience that lingers long after the credits roll. “You’ll Never Find Me” doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares; instead, it builds a slow-burning tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This Australian horror gem is a testament to the fact that a well-crafted story, combined with thoughtful direction and a dedicated cast, can create an atmosphere of dread and suspense that rivals any blockbuster production. It’s such a joy seeing a passion project work so well on all levels.