Girl You Know It’s True (2023)

  • Year: 2023
  • Released: 21 Dec 2023
  • Country: Germany
  • Adwords: 2 wins & 2 nominations
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English, French
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
  • Runtime: 124 min
  • Writer: Simon Verhoeven
  • Director: Simon Verhoeven
  • Cast: Matthias Schweighöfer, Bella Dayne, Graham Rogers
  • Keywords: scandal, pop group, playback singer, reminiscent, 90s, excited,
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Girl You Know It’s True Movie Reviews

Entertaining biopic very close to (one of several) truths

Now, I’m in a weird position as I have been involved with the Milli Vanilli story on my job and I have listened to first hand accounts of two of the advisory producers. But having said that, I can confirm that this film shows what really happened with Milli Vanilli in general and Rob Pilatus in particular. The only inaccuracies were in minor issues the don’t affect the story.

But historic accuracy is, of course, only one factor: The acting is good. Matthias Schweighöfer should be mentioned as his acting is better than in most of his movies. One highlight is the optical similarities between the actual Milli Vanilli and their movie counterparts which is astonishing!

The music is, of course, very good as we must not forget that Milli Vanilli was the biggest band in the world for one crazy summer – they milked that nicely.

Overall the biopic worked, it represented the characters truthfully and honors the honest, unflattering legacy of Rob Pilatus.

The one thing that was ignored (and I admit, it is hard to include in a movie without resorting to subtitles) was the fact that Rob and Fab didn’t even speak proper English when they were moved to London. Rob had a thick Bavarian accent when speaking English, but the film only focuses on Fab’s French accent, which is a shame as it underlines the international turning of at least one blind eye at the fact that not only their singing voices didn’t match – both their accents didn’t match either.

It’s a tragedy for me to see, the dream is over…

Rob & Fab were the Superstars of 1989 and although I wasn’t a fan back than, the hype was felt by everyone. And suddenly it was all over… Simon Verhoeven made a great biopic about the rise and fall of those two guys, that works on different levels. The wall breaking was a nice touch, but what really worked, was the acting of the two leads, who fit perfectly. Combined with Matthias Schweighöfer as Farian the casting was top notch. Of course the script tried to shift the blame from the protagonists and yes, you will feel sorry for them, but what stays, is the fantastic product of Milli Vanilli, that wouldn’t have worked without Rob &Fab. The movie tries to give them the credit they deserve. All in all, “Girl you know it’s true” is really worth a watch, especially for everyone who was around when it all happened.

Not bad! I hadn’t expected that. I

Not bad! I hadn’t expected that. I would even attest to the international standard of the production. A brisk production, an interesting story, of course, that’s what it was, but with a few shortcomings in the acting. An entertaining biopic designed to entertain.

Of course Schweighöfer is, as always, a minus point at first, but that neutralises itself at some point. Either you get used to his eternally identical performance over the course of the film or he finds his way into the role quite well. He’s always got a mischievous side to him and somehow can’t be taken seriously.

As I said, the story is a self-runner. Exciting, tragic, sometimes simply unbelievable. A wonderful journey through time.