All That Matters Is Past (2012)

47% – Critics
false% – Audience

All That Matters Is Past Storyline

Two brothers in their 40s are found dead in the forest. By their side lies a woman, very weak, but still alive. “All that matters is past” is the story of how Janne meets William after many years of separation. She leaves her family to live with him in a cabin by the river. They recreate the feeling of love and lust that they had as children, being sweethearts playing in the woods. But one day a Chinese baby girl is found floating down the river, and they realize that they are being haunted by William’s brother. William and Janne runs further into the woods, trying to escape from their nemesis.—JRN

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All That Matters Is Past Movie Reviews

Nothing makes sense :-s

I didn’t understand anything of this.It jumps past and forward in time to show what lead to the death of the lead figures. But it all turns boring even if the plot sounded thrilling in the description of the movie forehand. It is sad,cause it could have been much better if the plottwists had been better.

Past and present

Or the ghosts of … the past that haunt us still today? Well depending on the ghosts … they will continue to haunt you. Structurally we start in the present … but the movie then delves into the past … and the even farther past. So we see the adult versions of the characters we have here and we also see the kids … and those kids are quite … well let’s say I doubt that many have had similar experiences growing up … if so I am sorry for you and I hope you seek help.

That aside, the movie is built like a fine thriller and works exactly like that. It may complicated to follow at times, but it is not overly complicated if you really focus. You may want to rewatch to see certain scenes with the knowledge you have – with all the facts. Nice little low budget thriller.

Romantical rewriting of the myth of Eden Paradise

No doubt that this movie would divide opinions, considering the tangled relationship between the three protagonists, the girl and the two brothers. The story takes place mostly in the forest, while the 2 lovers live the sweetest romance on the bank of a lake. But this very romance is just an interlude of innocence between a dramatic past, when the couple had lost a child in an accident, and a tragic future, concluded with a murderer. Lots of references to the Biblical myths are brought up, sometimes blurring the scent of the drama: Adam and Eve in the Eden, of course, Cain and Abel, the lost of Ignorance (Innocence being the original title of the movie), Moses on the river, the wrath of God, the lamb of God etc. At the end, the very quesion asked by the police officer is : is she a victim, or a murderer? Which is uncompatible with the status of innocence which every human being has as a child. Innocence is the metaphysical status of the being, the existence being a leap into a world that no one choose. How could love be tainted with guilt? This is the question that the movie tries to respond to, at the bend of a serial of raw images of the childhood, the feeling of guilt, the will to die or to be washed over from one’s sins. A complex portrait of the psychology of human.