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Think back to your first sexual experience. Was it really enjoyable? Xiao Lan’s first experience is at the beach. Pacific waves crash in the background as the football jock, Wu Miao, her most recent crush, makes moves on her as if going in for a shot at goal. Just like many girls in this situation, Xiao Lan thinks she can gain his love with her body. Inevitably, Wu Miao loses interest in her not long afterwards, and even leaks a photo of her online in a sexually uncompromising position. Xiao Lan’s world has collapsed. Alone without anyone to help, she turns for comfort from men on the Internet. At the start, it is just like a game for her, and as she gradually gets to know these men, she somehow gets to know herself. At the crossroads between sex and love, this is a private yet brave journey that every girl is destined to embark on. (Source: Taiwan Pavilion – pavilion.taicca.tw)—marimarcta

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