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“The Angels” came hurtling out of Adelaide with the searing guitars of the Brewster brothers and Doc Neeson, a frontman who was beyond intense. Their songs are etched in the DNA of this city: ‘Take A Long Line’, ‘Am I Ever Goin’ To See Your Face Again’. They were on the path to international success… until they just missed out. Yet they revolutionised Aussie music with gritty guitar rock and ferociously theatrical live shows.—Official Summary

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Bloody Brilliant

Fantastic documentary from start to finish! Great storytelling that encapsulated so many of the highs and lows of the angels. As someone who only really knew of them from their songs, learning about the crazy journey The Angels went through was fantastic.

The pacing of the documentary highlighted all the highs and lows of the band and pushed the storytelling to another level.

The unique approach to the way Doc Neeson was included in the storytelling process (almost like a ghost reminiscing) was fantastic.

A must see, even if you are not an Angels fan. If you already are a fan, I promise you’ll enjoy their music even more!

Engaging and emotional

As someone who didn’t really know of The Angels before the film, I found the story to be an engaging insight into the life of the band. The excitement of the rockstar lifestyle is carefully interwoven with moments of vulnerability that provides a strong emotional core to the story. The tensions between the band members are explored sensitively, and the animations enhance the humorous moments.

There is a distinct tonal transition between the first half of the film which captures the fun and anticipation of the band’s rise to fame, and the second half, which delves into the interpersonal tensions and personal tragedies, however the film ends on an uplifting note that emphasises reconnection.

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What a riveting, funny, sad, entertaining, brilliant roller-coaster of a film! The often-chaotic personal relationships involving the band members , their families and their entourage were fascinating and compelling to watch. The interviews, archival footage, photos and animations, interspersed with their signature music clips, combined into a really emotional, engaging narrative. (Yes, I cried!….but laughed and learned a lot too!).

Being a privileged observer of the Angels’ private lives and being immersed in their addictive music was an unforgettable movie experience.

Whether you’re an Angels fan or not, just go out and grab a ticket. Seriously: it’s well worth it!